Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Black Dress Night

Mark took me to dinner at Bricco's in the Italian district on Saturday night! It was delicious! The Celtics were playing in the final game in the first playoff series that night so everyone in the restaurant was wearing green! It was fun!
While we were busy devouring our delicious banana bread pudding dessert (it was seriously amazing) the girls called and invited us to join them at The Green Dragon for some dancing and fun!
They decided it was "Black Dress night" and all the girls from the office were wearing black dresses and excited to enjoy an evening of dancing! They kept texting us and begging us to join them after dinner! Since I was wearing a black dress and Mark can't resist a good party, we headed over just as the band begin to play. I think the staff was surprised that we showed up because they started cheering when we walked in. We got a kick out of watching the girls dance in front of the band all night long!

Posing with the staff on the dance floor!

The girls dancing crazy in front of the band! And Mark trying to pretend he's dancing crazy in the background! He's actually sitting on a barstool watching the Celtics beat Chicago in the final game of the series!

Mark and me being "crazy" at the bar! Yep, that's about as crazy as we get!

The girls were having a blast dancing together and singing with the band, when this goofy guy wanted to get in on the fun and got right in the middle and started dancing with he was with the group! The girls weren't sure what to make of it!

It made me laugh to watch him try to join in on the I went to the front to get a picture of him dancing right in the middle of all the girls and he got so excited he grabbed a couple of them and posed for the picture! What a riot!

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