Sunday, October 3, 2010

GBHS Homecoming Royalty 2010

Brooke was in the Homecoming Royalty on Friday night.
She looked beautiful in her gorgeous gown, just like a princess!
Dad looked pretty handsome and very proud
as he escorted her onto the stage at halftime.

A proud dad and his little princess/bear!

Smiling at the crowd!

The Senior Royalty

The Homecoming Queen, Melly Geary and King, Jimmy Jack.

I love Brooke's reaction when she realizes that her friend, Melly has won! So sweet!

The Senior Royalty with the Homecoming Queen, Melly, who cried when she found out that she had won.
She cried again when all the girls in the Homecoming Royalty came over to take this picture with her, which made me cry.
Brooke said that when Melly was escorted at the pep rally, all the senior boys gave her a standing ovation.
Before the game, I was in the student government room
and watched as a group of senior girls helped curl Melly's hair and do her make up.
A number of students in the room told her how pretty she looked,
took pictures of her and made sure she was ready for the halftime festivities.
As I stood at the gate, waiting to enter the football stadium,
I held back the tears as I watched Brooke, who often mothers and takes care of Melly,
pushed her wheelchair around the track to the cars that were waiting for the girls.
At halftime, when Melly's name was announced as the Homecoming Queen,
the crowd of students in the stands erupted with cheers!
It was one of those feel good nights when you realize that there is so much to be grateful for
and so much we can learn from these kids!

Brooke and her friend, Junior Princess Gabby Cho.

Mom and Dad with Princess Brooke.

Brooke and the King, Jimmy Jack.

Brooke and Granite Bay's #1 Fan, Noah.

Gabby and Brooke with Givens. Lovely!

Earlier in the day, Brooke had Coach Cooper escort her at the Pep Rally.
She said that Coach Cooper was her favorite teacher
because she wants to be an inspiring coach like him someday. Cute!


deb said...

Brooke looks so cute. Norm came home from the game and said they announced Brooke wants to be a wedding planner someday...tell her I'll be waiting to work for her when the time comes:)

Kimber said...

This is so cool! It made me cry just reading about it - even though I already knew what had happened! Congrats Melly! And Brooke - you looked gorgeous too! What a fun night!!

Carrie said...

Brooke!!! What adorable hair. Love it. I was holding in the tears as I read the story about Melly to Scott! What a sweet story! I'm so impressed with the Seniors to treat her so sweetly! Not all schools would behave that way. How wonderful!

Jensen Family said...

Congratulations Brooke!! You looked absolutely beautiful. Thanks for sharing the wonderful story of Melly with us. What an inspiration to all of us. Love you,