Thursday, October 28, 2010

Picture Day! One of my last duties on the school board!

With Election Day around the corner, I can finally say that my tenure on school board is coming to a close.  
 My responsibilities include just one more board meeting in November and a school site visit in December. 
Then I will officially be "retired" at the December board meeting. 
For the last couple of months, I have been winding things down, feeling like I had one foot out the door.
Then Jerri, my fellow board member called and enthusiastically insisted that we all had to get our pictures taken
and update our bios for the new district website
I tried to talk my way out of it, explaining that they would just have to change it in just a few months,
but Jerri was anxious to get the new website up and running
 and didn't care that my picture and bio would only be there for a short time. 
One thing that I've learn while on the board is that you don't say "no" to Jerri! 
 She is one that gets things done! 
So off I went to Excelsior school on Picture Day,
standing in line with all the other kids with their clothes neatly pressed and their hair combed just right.
(Actually, I have to confess, one little perk that comes with being a board member,
is that we get to cut in line and have our pictures taken first.
I know, it's not much of a perk...
but the only other perks include owning a Grizzly card that allows me
and a guest to attend any activity or event at the high school AND I get a 15% discount at JCrew.)
The Grizzly card and the JCrew discount will be sorely missed...
getting to take cuts in line at Picture Day, not so much!

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Jenna said...

fun to see you when you were in NYC. Congrats with almost being done with school board!! :)