Monday, October 4, 2010

Hairspray, Part II

Saturday afternoon, I flew back to Utah with Dad and Brooke to see Ashley in Hairspray that night!
The show was even better the second time!
Ashley was simply amazing!
What fun it was to watch her and even more fun to watch Dad see her perform!
He's such a proud papa and loves to watch her sing and dance!

We took lots of pictures and tried to get every combination we could...
Now you are really sorry that you weren't there, right Ty?!

The kids.

The little girls.

Justin and Ash.

Allie and Ash. {Awkward.}

And a picture with Justin and Allie.

Mom and Dad with Ash.

Mom and Dad trying to get a picture with Ashley,
but Allie gets in the way. {Awkward, once again.}

A picture with the family.

Ash with the parents and grandparents.

Kenzie drove all the way from BYU-I to see the play.
What a sweet friend!


Carrie said...

How fun Ashley! I bet you were in heaven!

Jensen Family said...

It was such a fun play. Ashley you were amazing!! It was so much fun to watch. You did still the show. We sure love your family.

Sonya and Tyler said...

Ugh. We're missing EVERYTHING important right now! The "little girls" are amazing...races, shows, being royalty...such a busy, fun fall in the Holt family! Hopefully one day we'll get to see a race or show!

Kimber said...

Love all the {awkward} photos!! SO fun! Loved the show too!! Can't wait to see your next one Ashley!!