Monday, October 8, 2007

Nurse Allie!

We are so proud of Allie getting into the nursing program this fall at BYU!
She worked really hard last year and was 1 of 16 girls to be accepted!
Congratulations Allie!

Allie showing off her silly "Nurse Kit" that I sent her!
Allie~You make me giggle and laugh! I love you!

Allie and Justin on the 1st day of school at BYU! Allie, I would like to thank you for continuing the tradition of taking a "First Day of School" picture for your mother! And Justin, thank you for being a good sport and posing with Allie!

Allie and Justin at Homecoming Spectacular
with Grandma and Grandpa Olson!

Allie and Justin took a drive up the canyon to see the fall colors on Sunday! Much to their surprise, it was snowing already in the mountains!! Well, I guess it's time to get the skis out!


David said...

Congrats Allie! That is a really hard program to get into. Good work.

Mark and Debbie Holt said...

Allie! You look fabulous! So beautiful in all of those pics!! Looks like you're having so much fun! Love the nurse outfit! Justin must think you're one hot nurse!