Sunday, September 21, 2008

The Duffey's visit Kimber in NYC!

Our dear friends, the Duffey's, visited Kimber while they were in NYC last Saturday! Tim and Karen and their family were some of are favorite neighbors when we lived at Weddington Circle. How I still miss those days and that great neighborhood and our dear friends! Fortunately, we didn't move far and we still keep in close touch with those wonderful neighbors...and their kids! Karen called a couple weeks ago and said that she was heading to NYC. So I gave her my favorite map of the city and Kimber gave her a list of fun things to do and see in NYC! Karen insisted that they had to see Kimber while they were there. So, on Saturday, while we were enjoying the BYU/UCLA game, I got a text from Karen with the picture below of Kimber and Molly Duffey that said, " Hi there! We are here with Kimber in Central enjoying her." My reply back was, "I'm jealous!!" Seriously, I wish I could have been there enjoying the day with some of my favorite WOW! (Women of Weddington!) Now that our daughters, Kimber and Molly are all grown up, I guess they can be official members of our club:)!

Molly and Kimber in Central Park!


Brett & Kimber Crandall said...

It was so fun to see the Duffey's! Oh good times back in Weddington Circle!!

Stephanie said...

Hi Deb, enjoyed your Christmas card our Happy Spring card will be coming soon. My brother Greg and his wife Christa Reid lived in NYC for several years and just moved back to Draper. I think Kimber's husband is now the bishop of their past ward, small world. Love your blog, came across it one day when I was searching for something else, happy surprise for me. Looks as if your kids are all doing amazing things and that you had a very Merry Christmas enjoying all the Utah snow. We get their often as Mindy plays basketball for BYU and Jake plays at SUU. If you ever get to Colorado, we'd love to see you. I liked your assessment of your holiday dinner reminiscent of a different time in your lives. Take good care, visit NY often, it is such a great place.