Sunday, December 28, 2008

I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas!

This is the kids at the top of the first chairlift at Deer Valley. The snow was blowing sideways! It was a complete blizzard! Dad is behind the kids, asking a host which lifts to take and runs to ski or what is the most direct route to the Empire Lodge so we can have lunch!

Mom and Dad take a moment to pose on the slopes!

Dad got exactly what he wanted for Christmas...lots of snow!!
We finally made it to the lodge, enjoyed a delicious Christmas lunch and warmed up by the fireplace!

Earlier that morning...
Dad was excited about his WiiSki game!
Brooke loved the hat and shirt that said, "Don't feed the Bear!" Notice that the word Don't is crossed out!!
Ashley gets to plan her trip to Switzerland for this summer with her friend, Mariella, who's family owns a home there! Pretty awesome!
Ashley loved the sack of coal that her Switzerland book came in! It's an ongoing joke that mom thinks is really funny and Ashley puts up with every year!
Brooke and her cute coat! She was so happy that she found something at H&M, "the big kids store" that fit her!
The girls picked out some "girl catching" shirts and ties for Tyler!

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Kimber said...

That was a magical Christmas!!! So much fun! Couldn't have asked for better powder!