Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Pre-Graduation celebration!

There was lots to celebrate during our stay in Utah, 
and that's why we had to start partying before the graduation ceremonies began
 and Malawi's Pizza was the perfect place to gather for the fun!
Justin's birthday was first on the list of celebrations and the theme was red, as in Cornell Red.
Every gift... shorts, shirts, and tie, along with a Cornell polo were all the color red.
 Happy Birthday, Justin!
 And then it was time for some graduation gifts.
Allie was most excited about the Zebra dress that I found at Anthro.
You can never have enough zebra clothing... that is, if you are Allie!
See how happy she is?!!
 Allie and Justin with Grandma and Grandpa Holt.
 Allie and Justin with Grandpa Olson.
 Aunt Ruth and her cute girls came to celebrate!
Sadie just got her mission call to the New York, New York mission,
where Kimber and Brett live and where Allie and Justin will be moving soon!
So fun to think that all these cousins might end up in the Big Apple together!
It was a fun way to start the weekend celebrating with Allie and Justin!

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