Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Allie turns 20!

20 things we love about Allie:

1. We love...her big brown eyes!
2. We love...the way she makes us all laugh!
3. We love...her gorgeous smile!
4. We love...her adorably cute, raspy voice!
5. We love...that she LOVES Zebras!!
6. We love...that she is incredibly smart but still seems to misplace her keys, her camera, ipod and the homework that is due today:)!!
7. We love...if she is having a bad day...all you need to do is buy her a bean burrito, no cheese, no onions and no sauce...just beans at TACO Bell and its all good!!
8. We love...her scar on her leg that she got when she fell out of the family van at great Grandma's house when she was a little girl (ask her to show it to you someday!)
9. We love...that she doesn't have an "inside voice!"
10. We love...the way that she demanded Apple Juice when she was a little girl!
11. We love...the way that she is amazingly kind and sensitive!
12. We love...her red ruby lips and beautiful smile!
13. We love...the way she dances to "Ace of Base"!
14. We love...that she loves speaking spanish and she is good at it!
15. We love...skiing Park City on a powder day and singing "Winter Wonderland!"
16. We love...the her giggle and laugh!
17. We love...the way she snorts when she giggles and laughs real hard!
18. We love...that she is so gullable and believes all my stories no matter how ridiculous!!!
19. We love...that she is going to be a nurse because she loves to take care of others!
20. We love...that she is passionate and cares a lot about the things that matter most: the gospel, her family, and her friends!

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Brett & Kimber Crandall said...

Happy Birthday Allie! We love you too!!! Can't wait to see you in March! It will be so fun! Love you guys!!