Monday, January 28, 2008

Celebrating Dad's birthday in Park City!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD!! We hope you had a great birthday weekend! Thanks for sharing it with us!! You are the BEST dad on and off the slopes!!


Nate, Kari, & Addie said...

Hi Holt Family!!

This is Kari (Scott). I saw you from Kimber's blog and just wanted to say hello and thanks for the beautiful Christmas card we got a few weeks ago. Everyone looks so good, and that's great that Tyler is back home. Everyone looks so grown-up~ well, except Debbie and Mark, you guys look just as young as ever :) Looks like you guys are having lots of fun skiing this winter! How fun! Glad to know you are all doing well! You can check our blog at:

Kari :)

Brett & Kimber Crandall said...

Happy birthday DAD!!!! We love you so much! Totally jealous of all the days you're getting in PC this year! We are so excited to come out! See you in just over a month!!