Thursday, October 9, 2008

Granite Bay Homecoming Bonfire!

Tonight is probably one of my favorite Granite Bay High activities, the Homecoming Bonfire! The cheerleaders performed a routine, and they were spectacular...Bree does an amazing job with those girls! Allie and Kimber, we still miss seeing you down there! The band and the drill team were awesome! They had the kicking a field goal game...again! The Seniors won with a soccer player making the longest field goal. Tyler, don't you miss those days! And then finally, the floats made their way around the track. The theme this year was "Vacation Destination." I think it is going to be close this year but I don't think Seniors are going to win! I know, I'm going out on a limb! The Seniors traditionally win no matter what! It's just the way it goes! But the Sophomore and Junior floats were both really clever, colorful and creative! Both the Freshman and Senior float picked jungle places and basically all they did was put a bunch of plants on a flatbed! We'll see what the judges say when they announce the winners tomorrow night at half-time. I'm a little bias and hope the Juniors win. For the past 3 weeks we have been hosting the Junior float building at our home. Kids, parents and teachers have been busy hammering, sanding, painting, paper maching, glueing, more painting, stapling chicken wire, rolling up and putting tissue in the chicken wire! All this has been taking place on our sideyard and in my garage! It's been a lot of fun and we've done this so many years now that I'm kind of getting used to all the craziness and mess! I did put my foot down and say "No glitter" this year! I'm still sweeping out glitter in the garage from one of the years Allie was in charge of the float! Here are some of the picture from the bonfire!

The Sophomore Float!

The Junior Class Float!

They picked the SPL (Safeway Parking Lot) as their favorite getaway. It's true! I don't know of any other class that spends more time at the SPL! Every morning you can find them at Starbuck's, getting their frappacinos. After school, they are at Chipolte, ordering their favorite burrito and showing their school ID so they can get a free soda. After that, they head for a Jamba Juice. On Tuesday, the whole school heads for Baskin-Robbins for $1 scoop night, which I was just informed is now $1.25 scoop night. The extra 25 cents doesn't seem to bother the kids. It's still the favorite place to be on a Tuesday night! Then there's Safeway! I'm not sure what the thrill is...I try to avoid that place! Grocery shopping is not one of my favorite chores to do! But on any given Friday and Saturday night, you can see mobs of kids roaming the aisles at Safeway! I'm usually there too doing my last minute shopping for Sunday dinner at 11:35 pm...just before the Sabbath! Well, it was clever and the audience got a kick out of it!

The Sophomore float skit! Brooke is on the far left in the light blue dress!
A close up of Brooke during the skit! Just in case you were wondering what exactly Brooke is doing...she is performing an Indian dance. Without any practice or rehearsal, I think it went really well. Especially because no one in Granite Bay really knows what an Indian dance is supposed to look like. Tyler, you may not want to show Landon this post! Sorry about Brooke's scary looking eyes!

The Junior float skit! That's right...just a bunch of teenagers, running around like crazy, just like they do every night of the week at the SPL (Safeway Parking Lot!)


Kjirsten said...

You guys are so fun! Your house was always a party house. Good to know it's stayed that way. You can email me at and I will send you our address. Please tell your family hi for me. Also, tell Kimber I am so proud of her accomplishments. She deserves it, I never met anyone who worked so hard in high school.

Brett & Kimber Crandall said...

How fun!! Looks like you guys did a great job with the floats!! Brooke, nice dance!!!