Monday, December 7, 2009

Celebrating the BYU Win over Utah!

Well, we have bragging rights for a year with the BYU win over Utah!
The final score was 26-23 in OT. It wasn't pretty,
but a win is a win and we will enjoy the victory...
and look forward to another great game next year!

Tyler and Sonya celebrating after the game!
This picture was taken after Tyler stormed the field
with the rest of the BYU team
after Andrew George's touchdown.
It was complete chaos, with BYU fans
who joined them on the field, jumping up and down,
screaming, high fiving each other and
fans smacking the players helmets and slapping their backs!
It was a fun memory and great night to be a Cougar!

BYU/Air Force Game and the cutest little Cougar fan!

Tyler's little cousin Josh is a big BYU fan
and even bigger fan of Tyler's!
Here are some pictures from the BYU/Air Force game
that Cindy, his mother, took of Josh and Tyler.

Tyler warming up on the field before the game.

Tyler and Josh enjoying a moment on the sidelines before the game.

Tyler and Josh showing off their matching jerseys!

{Thanks Sonya and Cindy for taking these cute pictures and
letting me steal these photos from your blog and Facebook!}

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