Saturday, December 26, 2009

A win for the Cougars at the windy Vegas bowl!

It was a cold and windy night
but the Cougar football team was fired up
for the bowl game against Oregon State.
With the cold wind blowing over 40 mph
and the Cougars dominating the entire game
rolling over the Beavers 44-20,
it made for a crazy fun night!
It was so bitter cold that we spent most the night
huddled together, jumping up and down,
guzzling hot chocolate and cheering on our Cougars!
We stormed the field at the end of the game
along with hundreds of other BYU fans.
Thanks to the BYU cheerleader that helped me scale the fence!
So fun to celebrate with Tyler and the team on the field
and dinner at PFChang's was definitely memorable!
We were glad that we were able to share the fun night
and the great win with Tyler!

Bundled up and ready to watch the game!

Allie and Mom sporting their face tattoos.

Celebrating with Tyler on the field after the game.

Tyler celebrating with the newest and cutest BYU coed, Ashley!

Confetti being blown everywhere
during the celebration after the game!

The girls showing some Cougar spirit
with their BYU approved face tattoos!
The girls with the famous Cosmo the Cougar,
who made the ESPN highlights by helping with the fieldgoal net
when it got tangled over the goal post during the game.

Harvey Unga signing autographs for little BYU fans!

Bishop Falls...I mean Coach Falls, grandson found us on the field
and was so excited to get a picture with Tyler!
Tyler was excited too because
Bishop Falls was one of Tyler's favorite football coaches
in high school and I believe he was the one
who gave him the nickname "Kickerdude!"

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Kimber said...

Wow! Looks like so much fun! I'm so impressed you got a pic with Cosmo!!