Wednesday, January 20, 2010

January birthday celebrations!

We celebrated Allie's and Dad's birthdays while we were in Utah.
Allie loves banana cream pie from Fat's restaurant in Roseville
and when she was little, would often request to have
a pie from Fat's instead of a cake for her birthday.
So we surprised her and hand carried a banana cream pie
on the plane from California to Utah.*
Fat's Banana Cream Birthday pie!

*FYI-I checked TSA website and there are many food items that you are not allowed to
bring through the security checkpoint (jams, jellies, salsa and sauces.)
But not to worry..."You can bring cakes and pies through the security checkpoint,
but please be advised that they may be subject to additional screening."
Good to know.

Allie and her birthday pie!

Allie and Dad, our January birthday kids!

Our friends, Brad and Karen Wilkes,
gave Dad a big candy jar full of old fashioned candy
for his 50th birthday! Yum!

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