Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Surprise! Happy 50th Dad!

For the past year, the kids have been talking
about having "the biggest party ever" for Dad's 50th.
But Mark is one that doesn't need a lot of fanfare or attention.
So having "the biggest party ever" in his honor
would not be his idea of fun.

So the kids decided to give him "the best present ever"
...but what would that be for a dad that is happy & content
and really never wants anything. Seriously.
He returns almost every shirt, tie or any other gifts
that I give him at Christmas or on his birthday
because he always insists that he has "plenty of everything."

After some thought and discussion, we all agreed
that the only thing that dad would like for his 50th birthday
would be to have all his family skiing on the slopes together.
But how could we make that possible?

Well, Brett came up with the great plan.
He and Kimber surprised everyone
and flew from AZ to Utah after Christmas
and meet us on the slopes on Tuesday morning.
Dad was totally surprised!
He said that when he saw Brett & Kimber, it was "surreal!"

That night it snowed.
The next morning we had an incredible powder.
As he was skiing down "The Pines" through the powder,
we all heard him singing,
"Happy Birthday to me!
Happy Birthday to me!"

We enjoyed 5 wonderful days, skiing together
and celebrating Dad's birthday with all of the kids.
Dad said it was the best birthday ever!

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