Thursday, November 11, 2010

Invisilign Convention in Vegas

We spent the weekend with Dr. Annello and her husband Ken, in Vegas attending an Invisilign Convention.
Ken and I relaxed, shopped, and sat by the pool while Mark and Jina went to classes all day long.
At night, we went to dinner, saw a show and strolled around the hotels.
Vegas isn't my favorite place to vacation
but I do enjoy getting away and spending time with Mark.
He loves going to classes and I love getting a chance to relax,
catch up on reading, answer emails and organize my photos.
We also got to spend time with Mark's brother, Gary and his wife Cami and their daughter Emma.  

With Dr. Annello and her husband, Ken in the lobby of our hotel.
 Did I mention that not only does Jina work for Mark at the office,
 they are also our neighbors, who live right across the street from us!
 Jina and I really look forward to these types of conventions
because even though we live so close, our schedules are so busy
that it is the only time we really get to visit and catch up with each other.

Dad posing in front of the scarecrow in the Bellagio lobby. 

We went to the Cirque du Soleil show one night. 
I find it interesting that cirque du soleil translated means "Circus of the Sun,"
because it was an aquatic show.
It was either raining or water was falling or the characters were swimming
 or diving into water the whole time. 
The show had nothing to do with the sun, but it was entertaining and the performers were amazing!

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