Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Look what's happening in our backyard!

Brooke and I have experienced some exciting moments 
looking outside our kitchen window these past couple of days!
This morning as we were enjoying a delightful breakfast together.
Brooke was chowing down on a bowl of Captain Crunch and
I was guzzling a diet pepsi:)!  
We were busy watching the hilarious "Green Girls" video
 that the GBHS media team put together for "Spirit Week",
 when a cute little bunny went hopping across the yard.  
We were like, "Oh, how cute!"
When all the sudden, we see this ugly coyote chasing the poor little bunny!  
We were freaking out!  
They ran back and forth and around the yard for about 10 minutes.
Fortunately, the bunny got away, but the coyote kept running around the yard.
Of course, I grabbed my camera and took a few pictures of the ugly coyote to show Dad.
The coyote strolled around the backyard, checking out the firepit and making himself right at home.
He was wishing that Tyler and his football buddies were there to shoot some hoops!
And he thought about jumping on the trampoline!
Look how close that coyote is to the house.
That's right, I risked my life for this blurry photo!
* * * * * * 
We have had some crazy weather all week long
 and poor Brooke has been running in the rain almost everyday.
Fortunately, she had just finished her workout when a big hailstorm hit Granite Bay.
This is what we saw when we looked in the backyard.

In just minutes, this is what accumulated on the back porch.
Brooke thought about scooping it up and putting it in her "ice bath."


Brad and Karen said...

That is crazy! We've had quite the white-out in Tahoe, but no wildlife spotted!

Ashley said...


Mark and Debbie Holt said...

Don't even worry...Chicka's a warrior:)!!!

Carrie said...

That is so sos so crazy! Can't believe the bunny got away! Good pictures! He came so close!

Sonya and Tyler said...

That is so nuts!!!! Scary, but so funny at the same time!! And hail? What??? Good thing it wasn't as big as the hail in Oklahoma! Can't wait to see you guys soon!