Sunday, March 13, 2011

Spring Break Ski Trip, Part I

Since Tyler and Sonya had spring break, they decided to head out to Utah
 to do some skiing and visit with family  and friends.
 We went out a few days early with the Hansen's and McNaughton's 
to do some skiing at Canyon's. 
 The first two days were absolutely gorgeous, so sunny and warm. 
It was my kind of skiing!
The group at the top of Sun Peak Express.
Riding the chairlift with Kevin and Julie Hansen.
Catherine and Roman McNaughton, with Roman's brother Sean.
We had dinner at one of our favorite restaurants on Main Street, Chimayo.  
Dad and Roman are a little excited about the famous BBQ spareribs.
I ordered the soup sampler and it was delicious!
After a delicious lunch at Cloudine, Cat and I enjoy the view outside.
Kevin, Sean, Roman and Mark enjoying the view on the outside deck at Cloudine.
Mom and Dad 
Dad, after a long day of skiing...deserves a little nap!

Tyler and Sonya flew in on Friday night to join us for a week of fun.
  Allie, Justin, and Ashley, and Eric, one of Tyler's former roommates 
came up from Provo to ski with us on Saturday.
It was a blustery day, with rain, snow and cloudy skies.
But we didn't let the weather slow us down too much.
Allie, matching from head to skis, is ready to hit the slopes.
Ashley, Eric, Justin and Allie stop for a picture on Sun Peak.
Kevin and Julie.  Cute!

We spent the morning on Super Condor Express, where
Dad took the group down Brett's favorite run, Canis Lupus.
I call it Brett's favorite run because that is the run
 that is a "natural half-pipe" off Boa where Brett's binding came off.

Like father, like son, Dad and Tyler, coming down Canis Lupus.
The crew met up at the bottom of Boa.
What a good looking group:)!
The girls heading over to the Iron Mountain lift.
Kevin and Julie enjoying a ski day with their besties Allie and Justin.
So glad these two cute kids could join us for a week of skiing...
I just hope that the weather gets sunny and warm for them!
The entire group* that skied together the whole day...even when it snowed and rained on us...
ok, maybe some of us headed in after we got soaked...
 but the "slow" group and the "fast" group spent most of the day together 
and a good time was had by all! 
*Mark, Debbie, Allie, Justin, Ashley, Catherine, Roman, Julie, Kevin, Sonya, Tyler and Eric.

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