Monday, September 10, 2012

Catching up with Kimber in Arizona!

When I found out that Kimber and Brett were going to be in Arizona for Labor Day, visiting the Crandall's
 and then Kimber was going to stay a few days longer so that she could visit my parents, I decided to join her. 
So Mark flew back to Sacramento and I flew down to Arizona on Labor Day.
That's right... I flew to Tampa, then on to Utah and then to Arizona! Phew! 
I'm exhausted just thinking about all those hours on the planes, but it was totally worth it!
It was great to catch up with Kimber and we had a wonderful visit with my folks!
 First on our list of things to do that day was lunch at Serrano's,  
where we enjoyed some delicious chips, salsa, and yummy authentic refried beans!
 Then we headed to BuyBuyBaby, BabiesRUs and Pottery Barn Kids to do some baby shopping.
We checked out gliders, strollers, baby swings, cribs and more.
Kimber is definitely organized and with her baby consumer guide book in hand,
 I learned more than I ever wanted to about baby stuff that day:)!
We really had fun together and both of us felt like we accomplished a lot
but at the end of the day, we both agreed that we still have a lot to do before this baby comes!
After we finished all the baby shopping, we rewarded ourselves 
with a stop at Bahama Bucks for some yummy shaved ice!
I have to confess that I went there 3 times in less than 3 days... oops!
I took my parents there the next day and they liked it so much that we went again later that same night!
I forgot how hot 110 degrees is and how good shaved ice tastes when its 110 outside... really good:)!
Kimber and me with my dear Dad by the orange trees in our backyard!  
Always a smile on his face and a compliment to hand out
and a gracious "thank you" for any little thing that you do for him!
Sure do love him lots and so grateful for his example!
I took these pictures of Kimber out in my parents front yard...
don't you love the Arizona landscape?!
Here she is at 27 weeks.
And I had to share these pictures that I took of her 3 weeks earlier
in our front yard in Park City!
Yes, the Utah landscape looks a little different than the Arizona landscape:)!
The weeks seem to be going by so quickly... 
I'm not sure if it is going by as quickly for Kimber as it is for me 
but I feel like her pregnancy is whizzing by 
and that we are going to have a baby here before we know it!
I don't know why that makes me feel a little anxious because honestly, 
what does a soon-to-be grandma really need to do to get ready to be a grandma?... right!!
  So if anyone out there knows what I should be doing, feel free let me know:)!
Seriously, any advice would be appreciated!!


Erica {let why lead} said...

It's so cute that you sound as nervous as the mom-to-be about the impending birth! It just shows how connected you are to your kids. You will be the ultimate best (and prettiest!) grandmother!

Kimber does look fantastic! And how funny that you ate at my two favorite AZ places - Bahama Bucks and Serranos! I'm so jealous!!

vanessa said...

you must be racking up some major miles these day! kimber looks so cute with that bump you will be such an awesome grandma! i wish i had some advice, but i don't think you need any!