Monday, December 10, 2012

Cheri Ann's birth story according to Gramma!

The birth of every one of my children was different and unique and special in their own way. 
After each of my children were born, I would write down each and every detail of their story
 from my perspective in their baby book.
I don't know if they enjoy reading or hearing about the details as much as I do
 but I'm grateful that I wrote it all down
 so that I could remember exactly how I felt and what my thoughts were during that special experience.
I don't even know if Kimber has written Cheri's birth story yet, 
but I thought that I better write her story from my view, a Grandma's perspective,
 because I am getting old and will probably forget all the details if I don't write it down now.
So I'm posting this with a warning, this blogpost is for me and for Cheri Ann,
 so it may be long and lengthy, filled with lots of details that would only interest me and hopefully Cheri 
and a few other family members that were involved (namely her mom and dad:)!!
With that, I'll begin.  It all started Tuesday morning, November 20th, two days before Thanksgiving.
I woke up that morning with great concern because I realized that I hadn't really gone over a "plan"
 for how and when Kimber was supposed to notify us if and when she goes into labor.
Even though I didn't think that she was going to go have this baby for a week or so,
I knew that Kimber and I needed to have a conversation and lay out a "plan."
I'm OK with not being there when she delivers but I did want to know when she goes into labor, 
arrives at the hospital and would kind of like a play by play report, if possible:)!
So when Kimber called me that morning, I brought it up and told her how we needed a "plan" 
for how she was going to let us know if she was in labor, when she checks into the hospital, etc... 
About halfway through the conversation, 
I could tell that Kimber wasn't really listening to what I am saying, 
that she has something else in mind 
(later she told me that she thought it would be fun to just call after the baby was born and say,
 "Oh hey, I just had a baby!" and surprise us.)  Sometimes she can be so difficult:)!
I could tell that I wasn't making much headway so I let it go, thinking,
 I've got time to work on her, maybe I'll have Allie call her and see if she would listen to her.
Later that afternoon, I called Kimber but she didn't answer. 
 I had an important question, so I texted her and I waited and waited.  
This is unusual because Kimber has pretty good phone skills and if I call or text her, she gets back to me right away.
Finally, around 5 pm CA time, (8 pm NYC time), she texted back and said,
 "Sorry, I haven't answered your calls or texts.  
Brett got off early and we have been hanging out this afternoon."
Brett getting off early on a Tuesday afternoon is highly unusual for him and should have tipped me off,
but I didn't even suspect anything because Kimber's due date was 9 days away
 and she looked and felt way too good to be ready to go into labor.
So it wasn't even on my radar.  Plus Mark and I were busy packing and driving to the airport,
 where once we checked in, gone through security and waiting to board our plane, 
we got a call from Kimber telling us that she had checked into the hospital.
She sounded so calm and cheerful that I really didn't believe her.
Apparently, she went to her doctor appointment that day and her blood pressure was still high.
Her blood pressure had spiked up after the week after they had been evacuated... understandably!
Her doctor wasn't too concerned at that time, but this week it was still higher than it should be
so her doctor didn't want to take any chances and told her to go directly to the hospital and check herself in.
Kimber was completely caught off guard and asked if she could go home to pack a bag
 (yep, that's right, she hadn't even finished packing her hospital bag yet.  It was on the list of "Things to do.")
Her doctor laughed and told her to grab a cab and head straight to the hospital now!
 During her labor Kimber felt so good that she took the time to Instagram photos of riding in the cab 
and checking herself into the Morgan Stanley hospital at Columbia all by herself.
Brett hurried and got there as soon as he could after stopping by their apartment
 and gathering up a few things and packing up a hospital bag for Kimber.
So when Kimber texted and said that Brett got off work early
 and were just "hanging out", she technically wasn't lying.  
She just left out a very important detail, they were hanging out at the hospital.
The only reason why she called and let us know what was going on 
was because after being at the hospital for about 5 hours, 
Brett ran out to get some dinner and bumped into Lyle Schofield.  What are the odds?  
Lyle, who is doing his orthodontic residency at Columbia University, 
is from Granite Bay and his family lives right around the corner.
Brett had to explain why they were in Lyle's neck of the woods so he told him that Kimber was in labor.
When Brett came back and told Kimber that he saw Lyle, 
Kimber was worried that he might talk to his mother, who perhaps could run into me in Granite Bay
 and mention that she knew that Kimber was in labor and she would be busted.
Hence, she quickly made the phone call before word got out in GB and I heard from other sources.
At that time, she felt good.  They were about to start a slow drip of pitocin
 and she was a couple of centimeters dilated but felt good.
We asked Kimber if she wanted us to change our flights and come out to NYC
and she was like, "Oh, don't do that!  Who knows I may not even have this baby right away. 
We may just be hanging out for a couple of days!"
I explained to Kimber that the hospital is not a hotel, 
that once they check you in, they don't want you "hanging out."  
They check you in because you are going to have a baby usually sooner rather than later.
Little did I know that Kimber was more right than wrong.
So we flew to Arizona, went to bed and woke up in the morning with no baby.
We texted and talked to Kimber off and on quite a few times on Wednesday.
She had an epidural so she was feeling surprisingly good... 
good enough to have all of us visit with her on google+ chat that afternoon for over an hour.
At that point she was about 5 cm dilated.  Things were progressing slowly
 but Kimber didn't seem to be getting discouraged.
She was in good spirits and very patient, which was good... very good,
 because her pitocin drip accidentally got unplugged for quite a few hours.
Luckily, she kept progressing on her own anyways.
Once she got hooked back up to the drip, things started moving along but now it was Wednesday night.
So we went to bed with no baby yet... I could hardly sleep that night, the anticipation was killing me!
 This is what we woke up to Thanksgiving morning and the text read,

Our Thanksgiving Blessing
Cheri Ann Crandall
7 lbs 12 oz
5:40 am
Mom and baby are doing great!

We were thrilled and relieved that she had finally arrived and all went well with the delivery!
I spoke to Kimber a couple of hours later, after they got settled into a room and she sounded great! 
 A little tired but good! Happy that Cheri arrived safely and that she didn't have to have a C-section!
I was too!  With such a long labor (36 hours) I went to bed on Wednesday night
 thinking that they will probably have to do a C-section.
But her doctors were patient and so was Kimber and most importantly, 
the baby was fine so they didn't have to.
 Later that day, we all got on google+ chat to visit with Brett and Kimber and see Cheri for the first time!
She was awake and alert and we are all mesmerized by her 
and pretty much agree that she is the most beautiful baby ever!
And this is our first look at the entire Crandall family with it's newest member, Cheri Ann!
Thank goodness for technology!!  It was almost like we were right in the room with them 
enjoying those first hours with their new baby!
 Our dearest friends, Mark and Liz Skinner and their daughter, Carly 
came the very next day to visit Brett and Kimber and baby Cheri! 
They were so kind and brought them some pumpkin and pecan pie!
SO grateful for sweet friends, who took time out of their vacation to visit these two I mean, three!
Thanks Mark, Liz and Carly for taking the first family photo of Brett, Kimber and Cheri Ann!
It was a wonderful Thanksgiving!  One that we will never forget!
We are so very grateful for baby Cheri and for her safe arrival!
Truly a Thanksgiving blessing!


Erica {let why lead} said...

Yay! I've been dying for more details but wanted to give Kimber a couple weeks before I started bugging her with phone calls! So thank you! I'm happy it was a good experience for them!

deb said...
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deb said...

i've been blog stalking waiting for details! Cherie is a beautiful baby and i'm so happy happy everything went well. Thirty six hours of in-activity must have been a challenge fro the ever going Kimber:)