Friday, December 28, 2012

A Wonderful Christmas Time

For the past four years, we have spent Christmas in Park City, 
enjoying old traditions and making some new ones. 
 I think all the kids would agree that skiing together is one of their favorite traditions. 
 Being on the hill together feels like a little bit of heaven on earth for Dad and me. 
 This year, I got my camera out and filmed throughout the day
 and put together this little long video for the kids to enjoy!  
I tried to cut some of the footage... and believe it or not, I actually did:)!
You know that I LOVE taking pictures, but I found that I really really LOVE
 looking at this video of the kids skiing and interacting together!
And I hope the kids enjoy the video too!  
It was another wonderful Christmas in Park City!


Brad and Karen said...

1. The family that skies together stays together.
2. My legs are tired after watching those runs.
3. Are you sure that guy is over 50?
4. We've come a looooong way since those runs at Whistler
4. The only thing this video lacked was MORE SHOTS OF DEB!!!

Mark and Debbie Holt said...

Dear Karen,
1. Glad that you remember our family motto!
2. Yes! My legs are tired! And my arms and feet and shoulders and nose and pretty much every muscle in my body hurts! But it was worth it to ski the powder!
3. Yes!! That guy is over 50!
4. We have come a looong way. There were no 360s performed, so no watches were awarded, just a lot of powder skiing going on.
5. Sorry... No shots of Deb because she was busy discreetly filming the fam.
The intent of this little... I mean LONG video was to entice you and Brad to come join us in PC in February! If this didn't do it, don't worry... Mark got a GoPro for Christmas and he and the little girls are working on a video from our incredible powder day! Can't wait for you guys to join us on the slopes!!