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Christmas in Park City 2012

 It always seems like Christmas comes and goes so quickly each year, and this year was no exception!
We had all the kids except Kimber, Brett and baby Cheri together in Park City for 4 wonderful days.
We spend most of the day skiing and then squeeze in all the Christmas activities at night,
 and sometimes it gets a little bit chaotic and crazy!  
 I try to balance everything but I often feel a little bit disorganized and overwhelmed,
 trying to be on the hill with the family, not wanting to miss out on all the fun
and then attempting to be "Santa's helper" at night, getting Christmas ready.
And traveling and transporting gifts from California always get confusing.
In my mind, I seem to have it all together when I pack the presents, 
but by the time I get to Utah, it's so confusing sorting through it all.
I usually can't find one or two of the presents... 
this year it was the darling matching necklaces that I bought for all of girls back in September.
I'm hoping that they were accidently left behind in California 
and just didn't make it into my suitcase or the kids car when they came out to visit. Sigh!
And Christmas wouldn't be Christmas without one of the kids opening a gift that isn't theirs
because I put the wrong tag on it and was supposed to be to another one of the kids.
Luckily, my kids are patient with me and always tell me that it doesn't matter.
They always say that they don't even care about what they get or if they get presents,
that they are just glad that we are all together.
They are so sweet and patient but I'm starting to think that maybe they really mean it.
And that is why I'm writing this down, so that I can remember it next year.
It really doesn't matter what gifts are given or received.
It really is about the time spent together and the memories that are made.
And next year as I am busily shopping, packing and wrapping next year's Christmas,
if I keep this in mind, it will make my Christmas less stressful and more meaningful!
I know that it is cliche but Christmas really is about LOVE...
love for our Savior, and love for our family and friends.
And with that, I'd love to share our Christmas in Park City photos with you.
The morning before all the kids got in, the little girls hiked Murdoch Peak with their dad.
If you see Ashley, you should ask her how much fun that was:)!
But they did it and now they can both say that they climbed Murdoch Peak
and they don't have to ever do it again... unless they want to!
Justin and Allie are excited about their first ski day of the season.
Tyler and Sonya joined us early Saturday morning.
We were so glad that Sonya got the time off work so they could spend Christmas with us.
On Tombstone chairlift, heading to 9990 for the powder.
Sharing some sisterly love on the slopes.
We had lunch at Lookout Cabin at Canyons one afternoon.
It was the first time that these two have eaten there...
so we had to order the hot chocolate.  It really is out of this world!
And Brooke thinks so too!
The gorgeous view out on the deck at Lookout Cabin.
The family that day minus Ashley, who was at her roommate, Sydney's wedding in Salt Lake.
 That night we all joined Ashley at Davis and Sydney's wedding reception in Salt Lake.
It was beautiful and Sydney looked absolutely stunning! What a fun celebration!
  And how fun is it that Syd married their former roommate and dear friend, Kate's brother, Davis!?
Knowing and loving both families made it extra fun!
 Kate and Ashley, darling bridesmaids!
 And it wouldn't be a party without a lunging photo!
I really can't believe that Syd did a lunging pose in her wedding dress!
Only Syd could pull it off and still look fabulous!
 Sure do love these two girls!
 And more lunging poses from the bridesmaids.
 The bride and groom cutting the cake.
 I love this photo of these two.  Syd is looking gorgeous as usual and Davis is making such a silly face!
Love those two kids and wish them all the happiness in the world!
 Ashley sang "Dancing in the Moonlight,"
 while Kate accompanied her on the guitar for Davis and Syd's first dance.
 Love this photo for so many reasons!
 And I got to run into my dear friend, Ruth Todd, 
who is also good friends with both the bride and the groom's families!
What a small world!
After church, dressed in our Sunday best, 
some of took photos in front of Vintage with our snowman.
 My dear friend, Mary Holm and her cute girls, Amy and Breanna were in Park City with Mary's sister
for a few days so they came over to visit on Sunday afternoon.
It was really really wonderful to spend the afternoon with all of them,
especially at this time of the year, and for all of our girls to get to know each other better.
Love my dear friend Mary!
The Jensen family came up to visit that evening and while the boys watched the 49er game,
the girls were busy putting together a Christmas puzzle.
And here they are all smiles when it is finally all finished!
I first saw this puzzle on my friend Sue Jack's Instagram and instantly feel in love with it
and knew that I had to get it for the kids this year since we will be heading to NYC after Christmas!
The Jensen boys with Tyler and Dad.
Jacob will be leaving on his mission to Mexico City soon
so it was fun for Tyler to spend some time with him.
Every year we take the kids to Deer Valley for Christmas day so that we can have Christmas lunch at the Empire Pass lodge.
This year we changed it up and decided with our schedule that we would go on Christmas Eve
and it was a powder day so we all got up extra early to catch the good snow.
Brooke is super happy about the new snow!
Our table at lunchtime with all the yummy food!
We are all super happy about the incredible food at Empire Pass Lodge.  Yum!
After lunch, we came out and it was snowing like crazy 
so we had to stop and get some fun pictures!
It was Justin's first time skiing at Deer Valley!
And it was Sonya's first time skiing at Deer Valley too!
Yes!  These are my girls!
Waiting for Dad and Tyler to bring the cars around at the end of a fun ski day.
The kids enjoying a filet mignon, baked potato, rolls, Martinelli's, 
and our favorite raspberry jello salad for Christmas Eve dinner.
And even though Kimber and Brett and Cheri weren't there with us, we didn't forget them.
When we asked Brooke to decorate the top of the jello salad with raspberries,
this is what she came up with.  We all loved it!
And that night we got to Google+ chat with Kimber, Brett and baby Cheri!
It's amazing how long you can stare at a sleeping baby and be totally entertained.
It was wonderful and it felt like they were right there with us!
Then we got the Christmas bells out and gave them a try.
The Christmas bells are a tradition borrowed from the Crandall family
and some of the kids weren't sure whether we should attempt to play them
without Kimber and Brett there, but we did and everyone had a good time!
Can't you tell that Dad is having fun?!  
He was actually the one that insisted on playing the bells!
The poster of the sheet music that Kimber made for us 
to follow as we play the bells!
The kids had a open up our Christmas presents early so Dad could use his new GoPro.
I love the picture book that they made for me with The Family Proclamation.  Darling!  Such a treasure!
Brooke made a yummy Apple Pie for dessert that night. 
It looked and tasted  so yummy!
Time to open Christmas presents the next morning.
Brooke got a couple of stuffed bears and boy is she happy!  Yes, she is 19!
The kids are excited about tickets to Lion King!
Justin and Allie with a couple of their favorite gifts:)!
All the boys got Giants World Series T-shirts!  Go Giants!
And Dad gave Brooke The Martha Rules book... cute!
After opening presents and enjoying a delicious Christmas breakfast,
it is time to hit the slopes before Tyler and Sonya have to head back to Oklahoma!
Kids just being kids!  This is what I get when I said, "Get together! I want to get a picture!"
Sonya skied The Pines all day with us and was amazing!
We are so happy that Justin doesn't have to go in and study for the MCat this year 
and can spend all day up on the slopes with us!
Such a fun day together!
Once again, this is what I get when I want a group shot!
SO glad these two could be with us this Christmas!
We celebrated New Year's Eve with Scott and Linda Howell and all the kids friends. 
We visited, ate lots of yummy goodies 
and the kids played the Wii and jacuzzied with their friends. 
Dad and the kids shot off fireworks up on the hill.  Always a favorite New Year's activity!
Catching up with the Howell's was wonderful 
and we are grateful that after a hectic fall for Scott, 
that we were able to relax and spend time together.
I love this photo of these two cute kids on one of our last days of skiing.
Justin got a new coat for Christmas and looks pretty sharp in it!
It was SO cold that last day.  I think it was only 15 degrees outside
 and I really can't believe that we skied in the cold but we did!
Of course, we would often stop for a group hug to warm ourselves up!
And a cup of hot chocolate does the trick too!
Allie and I stop for a photo before going into the lodge for lunch.
I've got so many layers on that I could hardly zip up my coat!!
It looks like I gained a little weight over the holiday... oops:)!
Last run of the day, heading back home after a wonderful Christmas time!
It truly was wonderful being together with almost all of those that we love!
And the most wonderful part was that we are off to NYC the next morning
and everyone gets to meet baby Cheri!  Yes, Christmas is all about love!
And I know that they are all going to fall in love with Cheri, just like I have!

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