Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Holiday Pow Pow!

This video is for my dear friends, Karen and Brad Wilkes, 
who at this very moment are probably on their way back from Africa, 
where they have been serving a mission for our church!
They are incredible people and I love them for their selfless service 
that they have rendered for the past 18 months to the people of Rwanda!
I just want to personally thank them for being so Christlike
 and setting such a great example of love and service for all of us!
Now that you two are almost home, 
I'm posting this GoPro video that the little girls and Mark made this holiday,
to entice you to come hit the slopes in Park City and ski with us!!
I've got hot chocolate with mini marshmallows waiting for you:)!!
Love you both lots and I can't wait to see you soon!!