Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Wedfest 2013!

 Introducing Mr. and Mrs. Brian Merritt, the most beautiful bride and handsome groom!
Doesn't this picture say it all?!  These two are so in love and excited to get married!
I love the smile on Kelsey's face as I caught her looking out and laughing at the crowd!
Such a good looking couple!
Walking down the aisle as husband and wife!
Allie was so excited to see her dear friend, Heather Bryant!
The beautiful bridesmaids, Lauren Giddings, Heather Johnson and Heather Bryant with their mothers.
My sweet friends, Jenn Files, Sue Jack, MOB Liz Skinner and Karen Duffey!
Sure love these gals!
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Merritt and Mr. and Mrs. Justin Larkin!
Aren't those two couples the cutest?!!
First met each other in Mrs. Severson's 3rd grade class at Oakhills!
Kelsey's mom, Liz and I were the room mothers, planning all the parties for their class!
 We went on to plan Auctions together and quickly became the best party planning partners and friends!
Brian made this darling sign for the wedding! It kind of set the tone for the whole evening!
A panoramic view of the beautiful background!
My good friend, Janice Cook and I showed up in the same dress, 
which made us both laugh, so, of course, we had to take a photo together!
Their first dance on a glass dance floor which was suspended over the pool!  Very cool!
Everyone on the dance floor having a great time!
The Wedfest sign glowing in the night!
What a fun night with Allie and Justin!
The groomsmen went in and changed into shorts at this point in the evening!
Apparently, its a tradition in the Merritt family!  The boys looked hilarious!
 What a fun tradition!  And what a fun family!
Liz and I with our Marks!  Sure do love these guys lots!
Just when we thought the party was over, we walked out the back gate 
and found this waffle truck, red carpet and all waiting in the front driveway
serving hot fresh waffles with stawberries,  nutella, and whip cream topping!
Justin and Allie put in their order and are waiting for their yummy waffles!
Wow!  That looks delicious!
The perfect late night snack!
It was such a fun wedding, especially fun to share the evening with Justin and Allie!
Watching Kelsey and Brian, who are so in love, get married was so special!
And celebrating with so many people that love those two and all the Skinner family was really incredible! 
It reminded all of us of how lucky we are that we live in Granite Bay, 
a place where we have known each other since our kids were just little 
and watched them all grow up together and have loved each others kids
 and mothered all of them like they are our own!! 
They say it takes a village to raise a kid!  And Granite Bay has been an amazing village for the Holt family!
We feel so grateful for all the other Granite Bay moms that have helped raise our kids!
To be able to share this special night together with dear friends is something that I know we will all cherish for years to come!
Wedfest was definitely full of lots of fun and lots of love!

P.S.  I have to give a shout out to my dear friend, Debbie Penrice, who has created all of our family Christmas cards, wedding and shower invitations, signs, posters, labels and tags for countless events and parties that I've thrown.  She is amazingly creative, but the thing I love about her the most is that she will work tirelessly until everything is perfect and exactly what you want!  And, of course, the end product always, always exceeds your expectations!  I knew that Debbie was working with Liz and Kelsey, creating the invitation, program, signs and labels.  Again, she did not disappoint!  It was clever and unique and her creations pulled everything together!  Below are some of her work.
Sure do love that Deb and seriously, don't know what we would do without her!

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deb said...

AWWWWWW...thanks debbie i'm so lucky to work on all your great projects and love all of you too!