Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Sean and McCall's Wedding reception!

I wanted to share these gorgeous photos of one of my favorite couples,
 Sean and McCall Dyhre, (formally McCall Pettey.)
We have been dear friends with the Pettey family for nearly 20 years. 
Both families moved to this area about the same time and
since Mark and Dave are both in the dental field and our kids are about the same age,
we quickly became good friends and have enjoyed many fun activities together.
A couple of our favorite memories with the Pettey family includes the time 
we took all of our little kids out on our boat to Folsom Lake 
and tried to teach the kids how to waterski.
I think that between our two families we had 9 kids under the age of 10!
I'm sure that we looked like quite a sight with all the little ones packed on our boat!
 Another activity that we enjoyed was when Dave and Mark played on a city softball team together.
Every Monday night, all the softball families would gather at Maidu park to watch the game,
while our kids played together on the playground,
and afterwards, we would always stop at Dairy Queen for ice cream. 
 Probably my kid's favorite Family Home Evening summer activity! 
We have watched McCall grow up over the years and most recently,
she and Sean attended our Young Single Adult ward, 
where Mark and I, along with Dave and Mary Pettey work together as their leaders.
I've been so excited to attend this wedding reception, not only to celebrate with Sean and McCall 
but because the Pettey girls are so creative, crafty and classy, that I knew it would be adorable! 
 And it was beyond adorable!  It was absolutely over-the-top darling!!
I knew that my little girls, Ashley and Brooke, would love to see each and every little detail
 so I tried to snap a few photos so they could enjoy!
All I had was my I-phone, but hey, they turned out pretty good!
Congrats, Sean and McCall!  We are so happy for the two of you!
Aboslutely LOVE this LOVE sign!!  Clever!
So lately, it seems like I've been matching everyone like crazy!
Remember this post, where I showed up to Brian and Kelsey's wedding 
and found that my good friend, Janice and I were wearing matching dresses?! 
Luckily, Janice is a good sport and we just got a kick out of it!  Ha! Ha!
So when I arrived at McCall and Sean's wedding reception wearing a navy blue polk-a-dot shirt,
and looked over at Alyssa and Cameron Pettey and they were dressed in navy blue polk-a-dots,
we all got the giggles and had to snap a photo of the three of us twinners triplets!
Obviously, I just wanted to be in the wedding party! And can you blame me??
  I'll go to any length to be part of the Pettey family!  I love them all... just that much!


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What a darling wedding!