Monday, October 20, 2014

Helping Kimber move in NYC

 I flew to NYC to help Brett and Kimber move into their new apartment in February.
There was a big snow storm the first day that I got there so
we took a walk around Kimber's neighborhood once it stopped snowing
with Cheri and it was absolutely gorgeous outside.
 A panoramic view of Kimber and Brett's apartment 
on the morning that the movers were coming!
They had boxes stacked clear up to the ceiling!
 Once the movers got there, Cheri and I took a cab to their new place
so that we were out of the way as they loaded everything up.
Because of all the snow, the traffic was crazy and it was a loooooong cab ride,
so I had to get a little creative to keep Cheri happy.
She loves to play with water bottles so I gave her my Diet Coke bottle
 and she was a happy girl! Don't worry... she couldn't get the lid off!
 When she tired of the Diet Coke bottle, we went on to the Goldfish!
And as you can see, she was pretty happy about that!
Cheri loved rooming around the apartment, opening up every door and cupboard!
I think she was a little confused with so much room to run around and play!
This light switch entertained her for hours!
She was in this funny stage where she would lean back against a wall.  
It was adorable cause she would kind of walk backwards 
until she backed into a wall and then just lean against it.
Their new couch came in the late afternoon and Cheri had a blast climbing all over it!
And she loved laying on it too!
Once Kimber, Brett and the movers came with their stuff,
I packed up Cheri and we headed out for a little walk in the cold!
We barely got to the shops at Columbus Circle and she was out!
With the fresh snow on the ground, it was gorgeous and surprisingly warm,
so we just kept walking and exploring in Kimber's new neighborhood!
And Cheri kept sleeping through it all!
The view from the second floor at the shops at Columbus Circle!   Beautiful!
Cheri woke up on our walk home and I had to reward her for being so good,
so we stopped at Chipotle and ordered a cheese quesadilla, her favorite!
Once we got home, we had to stick her in her crib so that we could keep her quarantined 
and we could get something done!
This girl is a crack up!  She is obsessed with wipes! 
And a box of these things can keep her busy for hours!
Allie came down one day and helped us!
One of her favorite jobs was bundling Cheri up and taking her on a walk outside!
Carly Skinner came over for dinner one night and Cheri was obsessed with her!
She kept climbing up on her and hugging her!  Carly was a good sport and loved all the attention!
At least, she acted like she loved it!
I wanted to get a cute photo with Carly and Kimber, and Cheri wouldn't go to her mom!
She only wanted Carly to hold her!  She is such a funny girl!
What a fun time I had playing with Cheri and helping Kimber and Brett move!
Their apartment is perfect for their growing little family!
And the location and neighborhood is fabulous!
They are going to love having the extra room!
It was a wonderful visit and I can't wait to come back again!

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