Saturday, October 18, 2014

Invisalign in Tahoe

 Mark lectured for Invisalign at NorthStar the first weekend in February 
so we skied after his morning lecture on Friday and all day on Saturday.
We were lucky that it snowed the night right before so we had fresh powder.
We wore our US of kAte shirts that Ashley and Brooke designed
 to support their good friend, Olympian Kate Hansen!
YAY!  Kate!  We are so excited for her to compete next week!
 Mike, the Invisalign rep., who is such a great guy and a great skier,
skied with us at NorthStar on Friday afternoon.
It's always fun getting away and skiing with Mark 
but since we haven't skied at Tahoe for a couple of years,
it was really great to get back up there again because it's so gorgeous!
And since our Epic ski passes work at NorthStar, it really was fun!

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