Tuesday, April 1, 2008

One of our favorite Park City traditions~The Deer Valley Seafood Buffet!

One of our favorite things to do in Park City is go to dinner at the Deer Valley Seafood Buffet! It is truly amazing! The Crandall family joined us, along with Mariana and Melina, President Itinose's daughters and a couple of other friends! We had quite a large group so we took over the back room! While we were at dinner, President called his daughter, Mariana. When he heard that they were at dinner with our family, he asked to talk to Tyler. What a treat for him to talk to his mission President! It has been really fun for our family to get to know Mariana and Melina while they have been at BYU! And we are anxious to meet the rest of the family in June, when we go down to Brazil! It was a fun night! We all ate so much that we could hardly move! Everything tasted delicious! And we just had to take a picture with everyone in front of the fireplace...it's a Deer Valley tradition!!

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