Monday, April 7, 2008

General Conference & President Itinose!

Tyler's mission president, Pres. Itinose was called to be an Area Authority at conference this past weekend. Pres. Itinose and his wife came for the weekend for conerence. Thursday, President called Tyler and told him that he had tickets for the Saturday morning session with Elder Hunt, Elder Wilson, and his daughters Melina and Mariana. What a wonderful experience it was for Tyler, Elder Hunt and Elder Wilson to be able to spend time with Pres. Itinose and his wife and be at conference when President was called to be a Area Authority!

Here are Elder Holt, Elder Hunt and Elder Wilson at conference! Enjoying the great seats thanks to President!

The boys hanging out with President and Sister Itinose, Mariana and Melina at the hotel before conference!


Brad and Karen said...

I see you were up much too late!!! I hope I can be as faithful as you have been, and keep my blog current!

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Brett & Kimber Crandall said...

That's so cool! Hope you had a blast Ty!!