Thursday, December 23, 2010

Cancelled flights and Christmas lights

We were pack and ready to go, almost heading out the door to the airport yesterday, 
when we got a call from Delta informing us that our flight had been cancelled.
  After chatting with a Delta rep, who said that we were on the standby list
we decided to go down to the airport and see if we could possibly get on the later flight.  
After waiting several hours at the airport, it was apparent that the flight was overbooked 
and we wouldn't be flying out until the next day.   
Dad was a good sport and didn't complain, 
even though it meant that he would be missing one of the best powder days of the year. 
 Instead of being sad and gloomy about the situation, 
he suggested that we go see the Christmas lights on Dovewood Court 
because we all needed a little Christmas cheer! 
 It has been a few years since we have taken the kids over to the Christmas light display 
and I had forgotten how incredible it was...really quite amazing!  
Their were so many lights, ornaments, tinsel, candy canes, Christmas trees, and lots of reindeer.
They had Santas and snowmen, Charlie Brown and Snoopy, the Grinch,
 and every Disney character that you can even imagine!
Since we couldn't be in Park City enjoying the fresh powder, 
Dovewood Court was the second best place to be to enjoy some Christmas cheer!
My only regret was that I had packed both cameras in my suitcase and it was on it's way to Salt Lake City.
Luckily, Brooke had her phone and took a couple of pictures 
and this sweet video of one of the garages that was decorated.  Enjoy!

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