Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Simply Having a Wonderful Christmas Time!

We celebrated Christmas a day late since Allie had to work at the hospital Christmas day.
Once Allie got home, we had our traditional Christmas Eve dinner 
followed by the nativity reading by Dad and reenactment by the children.  
Ashley was in charge of casting this year.  
She changed it up a bit with Brooke playing the part of the angel 
instead of Kimber, who when she was only 3 years old memorized Luke 2:10-14 
 and has pretty much owned the part every year since then. 
Another unexpected surprise was that Justin was casted as Joseph, 
Ashley casted herself as Mary and Allie as the shepherd.  Hmmm...that seems a little suspicious!  
Allie was a very good sport and decided that if she had to be a shepherd, 
she would be the cutest shepherdess ever and that she was! 
We added a new musical element to our Christmas Eve tradition...Christmas bells!
It's a Christmas tradition in the Crandall family which Kimber has really enjoyed.
She recently bought her own set of bells and made her own music posters 
so that she could continue that tradition in New York.
She mentioned it to me and together we decided that it would be a fun tradition to start at the Holt household.
Brett was very patient with us, as he and Kimber tried to teach us how to play the bells.
It was quite comical, because we struggled a bit with the timing, 
not to mention singing in the right key was rather challenging.
But we didn't get discouraged because what we lacked in musical talent 
we made up with plenty of energy and enthusiasm.  
The Christmas bells was a fun activity, a tradition that is definitely here to stay.
The next day we attended the "visitors ward" in Park City, 
afterwards everyone changed into their Christmas PJ's, and we sat around and opened presents.
Christmas Eve dinner.
The casting list is posted.
Notice my role was to simply be a spectator.
Obviously, Ashley knows of my lack of talent:)!
Mary and the shepherdess just hanging.
Brooke with her stocking.
Allie and Justin. 
Ashley with her new necklace.
Santa brought all the girls matching necklaces and earrings.
Brett and Kimber with their stockings.
Note that Kimber's is a Christmas angel?!
Sisters in their matching Christmas pajamas.
Allie and Justin are about to open their new camera.
Thanks Aunt Lisa for wrapping their present!
Ashley unwraps a gift that suits her just right...a musical sweater!
I love the keyboard on the top.  So cute!
As you can see, Allie still loves Zebras
and fortunately, Santa still knows of her obsession!
Brooke and her new camera.
She was surprised that Santa was able to surprise her at all this year
since she was such a help to Santa with all the shopping and 
wrapping of the gifts for all the other good boys and girls.
She thought for sure she knew everything that she was getting...that Santa is such a clever gift giver!
I love surprises and I love Christmas!

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hayley j said...

Looks like so much fun...holiday greetings from Germany :)
xo, the Johns/Tapia girls