Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Canyons Owners Holiday Celebration

Every year the Canyons throws a fabulous Holiday party for all the property owners.
This year the party included lots of delicious food, a live band, a juggler,
a photo booth and unlimited diet coke (that's the part mom liked most!)  It was awesome!
Ashley's roommate, Sydney joined us for all the fun and festivities!
She is a doll and the three girls had a blast hanging out at the party and
then they headed home to do some baking and put together a puzzle.
What a perfect way to spend a cold winter night!
The girls are ready to party!
Dad is excited about the yummy desserts.
Justin and Ash are sad that Allie had to leave early for work.  Right Ash? You're sad!
Our table after a couple of trips to the buffet table.
The girls in their costumes are getting ready to enter the photo booth.
Ashley is still really sad that Allie is at work.  
Justin is a good sport and is trying to cheer her up!
Dad and Mom tried the photo booth too.
Ashley and Sydney looking good and spreading some Christmas cheer!
The little girls.  So cute!

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