Monday, May 14, 2012

AAO Convention in Hawaii!

We just got back from a week of fun (for me) and work (for Dad and his staff) in Hawaii,
 where Dad attended the AAO convention on Oahu and Invisalign post conference meetings on Kauai.
Walking on the beach at Waikiki on the way to dinner at Shorebird.
Dad lectured two days at the Invisalign booth at the convention.
He did a great job!
He loves learning and teaching others about how to best treat patients using Invisalign.
On Monday afternoon, we headed up to the Northshore of the island
for an afternoon of fun at the Polynesian Cultural Center.
On the way, we stopped at Macky's shrimp truck for some garlic shrimp.
Dad got the spicy shrimp plate. Yum!
Ken and Jina had never tried the shrimp truck before and they loved it!
Next stop, shaved ice at Matsumoto's Shave Ice in Haleiwa.  
This was one of my favorite spots to frequent when I was a college student
at BYU-Hawaii over 30 years ago.  Still the best shaved ice on the island!!
Ken and Jina had not been here either.
They loved Matsumoto's Shave Ice and agreed that it's the best!
We finally made it to the Polynesian Cultural Center and met up with the rest of Dad's staff.
Here is Pauline, Tomalyn, Lacey, and Andrea with their friends from Samoa.
Of course, we all loved the Samoa show but since Dad served his mission there,
 he really really loves the people of Samoa!  
He hung out in the village after the show and enjoyed some of the Samoan food.
It was fun to take Ken and Jina to PCC, (the Polynesian Cultural Center)
because they had never been there before and they loved it!
And even though we have been to the PCC many, many times,
we never tire of the shows, the performers and the music.
We had all the staff, a few husbands and kids at the luau.
We enjoyed great entertainment...
and a yummy polynesian buffet with all the kalua pig, sticky rice,
 fresh pineapple, guava and mango that we could eat!
This little doll could not be cuter!
We became best friends really quick 
and she promised to come play at my house this summer!
Like I said, Isn't she the cutest thing ever?!!
  Look at the size of that pig!
Brooke, this picture is for you!  Dad had to get a picture with the pig!
I think he was missing his little bear pig lover, Brooke!!
Here is Dad with Dr. Annello and his staff.
We have always been so fortunate to have such a wonderful and loyal staff!
We just recently gave watches to 4 gals, who had been with Dad over 10 years 
and Anne, who has been with Dad from the very beginning, over 20 years!
They all work so hard and keep all the patients so happy!
They really deserved a day to relax and enjoy Hawaii and it was so fun to spend time together...
as you can see the staff had a little bit too much fun here!
And Dad had a little bit too much fun and while I was shopping for souviners,
Dad surprised me and got one of those fake tatoos. 
 Having served his mission in Samoa, we always say that he is part Samoan
 but apparently he feels like he is 100% Samoan and proud of it:)!
Dad had fun speaking Samoan with the famous Samoan fire dancer.
He signed a picture for Dad that will be hung in his office soon.
Fire dancing is a sport, right?!  After watching him dance in the show that night,
it was determined that it is definitely a sport!  This guy is crazy good!
On Tuesday, we flew to the island of Kauai for the Invisalign post meeting.
That night we went to The Beach House for dinner with Ken and Jina.
As the sun set, the view of the ocean were absolutely spectacular
 so we had to take some pictures (along with the wedding couple.)
Dad looked so handsome that I had to snap a picture of him!
It was so fun to have Ken and Jina join us at the convention and post meeting.
They are not only the best neighbors (they live right across the street from us)
and great travel companions, but Jina (Dr. Annello) was in charge of the office
 while we were in Africa and did such a great job, taking care of everything
 so that Dad could be away from the office for almost 3 weeks.
The staff loves her, patients adore her and we appreciate all that she does for the practice!!
Dad ordered the Wasabi Crusted Ono and it was delicious!
The next night, Mike Flanigan of Invisalign took a group of orthodontists to dinner at Merriman's.
It was a great evening with lots of conversation surrounding Invisalign!
It's always so fun to listen to orthodontists that are so excited and passionate about what they do!
They all love sharing information and learning from each other!
It was a wonderful week in Hawaii! I'm always sad when it comes to an end and
 we usually find ourselves planning our next trip back there before our plane leaves the ground.
There are so many places where I love to vacation 
but we both agree that there is nothing like Hawaii.  It truly feels like paradise!


Brad and Karen said...'re killing me...first, Matsumotos, and THEN, I learn that you were on Kauai and went to the BEACH HOUSE!!!! We love the Beach House!

Kimber said...

So fun!! Looks to beautiful!! And I especially love the last dress you're wearing! The blue and white one!

Erica {let why lead} said...

You guys are the cutest couple ever!