Saturday, May 12, 2012

Mormon Helping Hands in Granite Bay

One of my favorite things about my church calling (assignment or job) 
is getting the opportunity to work on the Public Affairs council 
and help organize Mormon Helping Hands, a day that Mormons all over California,
 work together providing community service in the area where they live.  
Here is a great video with Steve Young talking about Mormon Helping Hands.
  This year, I was in charge of helping organize two projects in Granite Bay, 
one at Miner's Ravine Trail and the other at Granite Bay High school.
 It was a wonderful opportunity for members of our church to get out and serve in our community.
Here we are at Miner's Ravine Trail and these two girls stopped for a minute
 to get a photo before they start to weed.
I had a cute friend, who was helping at the sign in table.
Here is our group getting instructions from Chad.
We were busy weeding...
and putting in a drip system.
These two boys are almost done weeding and ready to lay down some mulch.
Here is the large group that showed up from Granite Bay 2nd ward.
I caught up with the cousins, Aubrey and Weston, who were working together.
Isn't that cute?!  Grandma would be so proud!!
And here is Pam Hoffman, scrapping off the garbage and debris off the wall.
These girls, along with many others, spent most of the morning scraping gum off the sidewalk.
These lovely ladies were the official window washers.
They were so busy doing their job, washing windows that they missed the group photo!
I wanted to make sure that we recognize them and appreciate all their hard work!
The group planted flowers around the school.
Assemblywoman Beth Gaines stopped by to take a tour with Dan Clift and Stan Leavitt, 
who showed her all the improvements this group made at GBHS.
And this is probably my favorite photo from the day,
the youngest and definitely the cutest little helper
 at Mormon Helping Hands day!  Love this kid!!

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