Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Dine and Dash... to NYC!!

Thanks to Instagram here are some photos from last Thursday
 when Allie and Justin joined me for breakfast at Kneaders,
 one of our favorite dining spots in Provo.
You just can't beat their "all you can eat" french toast breakfast!
  It was great to catch those two in town and visit with them!  
Allie has just returned from 3 weeks in Ecuador,
where she traveled with the BYU undergraduate nursing students as a "mentor." 
Justin was leaving the next day for Mozambique with a non-profit called Care for Life for the next 4 weeks,
 where he will be working with a health director teaching health and hygiene from a booklet that they wrote.
  Read up all about these two and their summer adventures at Justin and Allie's blog.
After breakfast, Allie drove me to the airport, where I caught my plane for NYC!
I got there just in time to go to dinner with Kimber and Brooke,
 and Ashley, who came up from D.C. to join us for the weekend!
It was such a great day, on the heels of such a great trip with my parents!
Dad would be joining us the next morning and Brett had the weekend off!
I thought it just can't get better than this...
and then it did!!!  Stay tuned!!

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