Sunday, June 3, 2012

Brett and Kimber's Special Announcement

After taking the redeye from Sacramento to New York City
Dad joined us on Friday for a fun day of sightseeing, eating, shopping, 
and pedicures (actually Dad took a nap during this activity.) 
That evening we met up with Brett for dinner at one of their favorite restaurants, Fiorello.
 Once the waiter took our order and I was comfortably sipping on an ice cold diet pepsi, 
Brett pulls out his Ipad and excitedly announces to the table, 
"Hey, Kimber and I want to show you this video that we made to celebrate 5 years since we moved to NYC!" 
Ashley didn't miss a beat and said sarcastically, "Oh, like a music/dance video, right?!" 
 Quick-witted Brett was like, "Yeah! That's right.  Kimber and I made a music video!" 
 He was so excited, kind of giddy, and yet so convincing, that it totally caught us off guard. 
I was trying to picture Brett doing a music/dance video and thinking, 
"Oh, what has Kimber put poor Brett up to... this could be really awkward...
well, be polite and no matter how silly it is, just act like it is really great!" 
 We gathered around the screen and this is the video we saw...
and the video below is our reaction. Kimber caught it all on camera and I'm so glad that she did.
It is fun to watch this video because it all happened so fast that I can't remember what exactly did happened!  
I love Ashley's reaction and there I am trying not to look at Ashley 
because I know if I do then I'm going to really lose it. 
And don't be deceived, behind those glasses is a very happy grandpa-to-be who is crying too.
We are all very, very happy for Kimber and Brett!
They have been patiently waiting for this day which makes it even sweeter!
The proud parents-to-be with their "5 years in NYC video!"
Kimber and Brett came up with the idea behind the video
and Brooke worked behind the scenes to help them pull it off. 
Plus Brooke kept it secret from all of the rest of us!  Truly a miracle!
And for those of you wondering where they got all the salt water sandals,
I have to give a shout out to Zappos and their awesome return policy
(free shipping and free returns for any reason for 1 year.)
  Kimber ordered numerous pairs of red and yellow baby sandals to use in the video
and then packaged them up and returned them to Zappos, free of charge.
Now that took some thinking and planning:)!
Once I saw this frame of the video it all became real to me!
Thanksgiving, what a perfect time to have a baby!
We are very, very grateful for this little miracle!
What a fun night!  Such a fun surprise!
And as you can tell we are all "over the moon" excited for "Baby C!"
Congratulations, Brett and Kimber!
This is a very lucky baby!  You two are going to be amazing parents!


Kirstin said...

SO exciting!!! Thanks so much for sharing that with us! I must admit it made me get a bit moist in the eyes too and it's not even my first grandchild! That is so wonderful, so happy for everyone.

vanessa said...

i got misty eyed watching you guys get misty eyed! SO SO happy for this very special addition!!!

Kimber said...

So glad you guys were able to be there!!! That was so fun!! I'm excited to see you be "Grandparents!" Now, we just need to figure out what you'll be called :)

Erica {let why lead} said...

I'm beside myself with excitement! And I could not love your reactions any more! SOO, so supportive and adorable!

kels said...

haha I cried too! What a loser... haha. Congrats to the whole Holt clan! :)