Wednesday, June 13, 2012

OKC Thunder are better than just OK!!

We have joined the Thunder craze, along with Tyler and Sonya, and every other Oklahoman!
Dad's office is decorated with crate paper and banners everywhere
and he is proudly sporting his new OKC Thunder shirt 
that the kids gave him as an early Father's Day present!
Thanks, kids!  You guys are the best!
Dad is ready for the NBA Finals and the Thunder proved that they were ready for Game 1 
by beating the Miami Heat with a score of 105-94!
I think we are going to be sitting in front of the TV, watching a lot of basketball the next couple of weeks!
We probably should order some takeout BBQ for dinner so that we get the "real" Oklahoma experience!
We hope y'all will be cheering for OKC too!  Thunder UP!

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