Monday, June 25, 2012

A Hike to Hidden Falls

A group of Granite Bay gals have gotten together and started a "hiking club."
That's right, I'm hiking and biking these days.
In fact, I biked 4 days last week, conquering the Sierra College hill (see photo at the bottom of the post)
and on Thursday I went on a hike to Hidden Falls near Auburn.
Exercising has never been "my thing." I know that sounds terrible but it's true.
 I'm basically a lazy kind of a person. Mark is just the opposite. 
 He is always exercising and trying to get me to join him.
 He says that I need to work out more because at our age we start to loss muscle mass 
and he doesn't want to be pushing me around in a wheelchair in our old age. Ugh! 
 Any athletic activity that I participate in has to involve food or friends, much to Mark's dismay.
Fortunately, my friends love to participate in outdoor activities that require physical exertion
which usually includes some kind of food or refreshment
and always provides lots of good conversation while we are busy making great memories.
Here we are, 30 Granite Bay friends, having reached our destination,
stop to enjoy the view and take a group photo!
This is the group of ladies as we begin our hike to Hidden Falls.
Not too strenuous of a hike... which was great... so we could concentrate on visiting with each other.
We all got so caught up in the conversation that we didn't even notice how quickly we made it to our first water break.
I got a kick out of seeing my good friend, Kim pull out her "BracesByHolt" water bottle.
Glad to know that someone actually uses those bottles that Dad's office gives away!
We made it to the lookout and quickly took over the entire deck.  
And this was our view!  Gorgeous!
 The trail got a little more narrow and steep...
as we made our way down to the pool of water at the end of the trail.
Me and my dear friend Sue!
We ski together, eat together, quilt together, shop together, bike together and now hike together:)!
The gals, visiting and chatting before we head back.
Everyone enjoyed the views on the hike back.
We enjoyed a delicious lunch prepared by Paige back at the Mt. Vernon Winery.
It was a gorgeous day so we stayed and visited as long as we could until we had to get back home.
Thanks to Suzanne Butcher and Paige Stauss for organizing this fun day!
And here is proof that I rode to the top of Sierra College Blvd. 
It was Kim's birthday on Wednesday and that is why she is sporting the birthday hat and birthday lei!
And I guess for her birthday, she wanted to ride to the top of the hill to celebrate!
Afterwards, we headed downhill to Liz's house to continue the birthday celebrations
and enjoyed fresh fruit, cupcakes and lemonade!  Yum!
Like I said, there has to be food and friends involved with every workout
and that is exactly what both days were all about and that is what made it all so fun!


Kirstin said...

I am right there with you! Exercise has to have food or friends or I am not a willing participant. If I go out to walk and am the only one who shows up, I turn right around and go home. Exercising is a social outlet isn't it?

Mark and Debbie Holt said...

I totally agree with you, Kristin!!! You are welcome to come hike/bike or walk with me any day:)!!!