Monday, June 18, 2012

A Father's Day weekend ride at Tahoe

  Dad is a man of very few wants and needs because he is always doing for others
 and making sure everyone else is happy and taken care of.
So when I asked him what he wanted for Father's day
the only thing that he could come up with was "go on a bike ride with me."
That was a pretty easy request and since it was going to be a very hot day in Sacramento, 
we decided to load up the bikes and head to Tahoe for the day.
 This picture cracks me up... we didn't even realize that we were wearing matching shirts
 until we looked at this picture!  Ha! Ha!
 It was a gorgeous day...
 and the view riding along the river was breathtaking!
 We rode from Lake Tahoe along the river... 
  and then headed up to Squaw Valley ski resort!
 With the sale of Squaw Valley ski resort this year came some changes 
and we were excited to see what they had done to the resort.
It was the first time in 20 years that we didn't ski one day at Squaw this winter! Unbelievable! 
 When the kids were young, we came up every single Saturday to ski as a family.
We would pack a lunch and haul all 5 kids and their ski gear up the hill.
It was quite an ordeal when they were so young.
But it was Dad's dream to have all his kids learn to ski and love it just as much as he does.
Because of his determination, I think his dream has come true.
Starting out at ski school, then graduating to the blue runs with Mom,
and eventually going down the black diamond runs (KT22 and Jonny Moseley's run) with Dad, 
this is where they all learned to ski!  We have so many great memories at Squaw!  
Like when Allie turned 8 and Dad let her skip school and took her skiing for the day to celebrate.
Or when Dad and I skied with JC and Shareen Fat on the 4th of July.
And the time we brought our swimsuits and at the end of the ski day, 
we changed into our suits and swam at the pool up at High Camp.
Squaw was such a big part our lives but now that the kids are all gone 
and we have our place in Park City, our days at Squaw Valley are over...
at least they were this past winter.
 The old ticket booths have been removed and here is a picture of the new booths
 which are located just past the ski and rental shop.
 We rode our bikes up and around the plaza.
 The huge fire pits are new on the plaza.
 They updated the dining hall at the base of KT22.
We have eaten plenty of squished homemade PB&J's inside that lodge.
 They updated the entrance to the ski resort.
 We stopped and had lunch in the village.
Enjoyed the sunshine for a bit and then headed back.
 The view riding back to the highway from Squaw.  
 We made it to the Olympic sign at the turn off to Squaw Valley.
 We crossed the bridge at Squaw Creek.
 Dad was a good sport and posed for another photo.
 Riding alongside the creek was spectacular!
 It just doesn't get pretty than this...
 or so I thought...
 until we made our way to the lake.  What a view!
I never cease to be amazed at the beauty of Lake Tahoe!
 We caught the new trail along the lake.
 We passed by this beautiful busy beach.
 We stopped and looked at all the fish in the river.
 Dad spotted this sign and made me get a picture with it.
As usual, he was missing his "Bear" and was wishing that Brooke
was running alongside him on the bike ride.
And at the end of our ride, Dad is a happy guy
and thanked me for granting him his Father's Day wish!
I'm lucky that he is so easy to please and enjoys the simple things in life!
Happy Father's Day to a great guy and a fabulous father!

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