Thursday, June 28, 2012

Thank Heaven for Little Girls!

Yesterday Brett and Kimber found out that they will be having a little GIRL (YAY!)
 and shared the good news by posting this creative video that she and Brooke put together!
 I'm not sure who is more excited about "Baby Girl C"... Brett, Kimber or Brooke!
Actually, all of us are very, very excited!
I loved talking to Kimber right after she found out that it was a girl. 
She was still kind of in awe and shock after the ultrasound and it was just sinking in. 
 I think that she worried about getting a girl since Brett was from a mostly boy family
 and it probably didn't help that we teased her about having a bunch of rowdy and unruly boys!
So when I spoke to Kimber, she excitedly said, "I can't believe that I got my little girl.  
I don't care if all the rest are little boys.  At least, I got my little girl!"
It reminded me of how I felt when I had Kimber and I realized that I got my little girl. 
Since Mark has 4 brothers and only 1 sister, I felt like I was doomed destined to have all boys!
I remember feeling just like Kimber did when she realized that she was having a girl... 
I reacted the same way, with the same kind surprise and excitement,
 as I looked down at Kimber, my little girl, I said exactly what Kimber said,
 "It's a GIRL!!!  I got my little girl!
I don't care if all the rest are boys because I got my girl!"
Little did I know what was in store for me:)!  
Now that I have my 4 little girls, I know what is in store for Kimber and I'm excited for her! 
 Girls are so much fun and what a lucky little girl "Baby C" is!
And I'm SO excited for Brett to have a daughter!! 
 There is nothing like the relationship between a dad and his little girl! 
She will definitely have him wrapped around her finger:)!! 
This little one is very lucky to have parents that are so anxious and excited for her arrival!!
Congratulations, Brett and Kimber!
We love "Baby Girl C" already!

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vanessa said...

So exciting!!! Girls sure are more fun to shop for, and I know you must be out on a spree for baby C now...