Sunday, July 1, 2012

Half Moon Bay

 I can't believe that I had never been to the beautiful coastal town of Half Moon Bay.
 Even though we lived in San Francisco for 4 years, we just never made it that far down the coast. 
So when Allie and Justin gave us a gift certificate for a night stay down there, we were pretty excited!
We took our bikes and had a lovely bike ride along the beach to Moonside Bakery in downtown Half Moon Bay.
 The ocean views were gorgeous along the way.
 We tried a bunch of different cookies and pastries at the bakery.
  My favorite was the shortbread with Nutella...
 at least, that's what I thought until we visited the bakery the next day 
(that's right!  we liked it so much that we had to get more goodies to take home with us!)
and tried the cinnamon crisps, which were amazing!
 The view from our hotel.  Gorgeous, isn't it!!
Dinner that night at Mezzaluna was delicious!  Dad loves his bruschetta!
And I of course, ordered the salmon, which was so good!
On Saturday, we drove into the city and rode our bikes through Golden Gate park,
which is right by UCSF, our old stomping grounds.
With the fog rolling in, it was a balmy 64 degrees outside!
Gotta love the summers in San Francisco!
We rode out to the ocean, past the windmills, along the beach 
and then dad's clip ons on his cleats broke.
He was a good sport and rode all the way back with a busted cleat.
We enjoyed some deep dish pizza at Patxi's pizza and then headed home.
I'm so glad after all these years that I finally visited Half Moon Bay.
It's a beautiful coastal town and we had a lovely time!
Thanks, Allie and Justin!!

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Erica {let why lead} said...

I almost feel like Half Moon Bay is my town, since it's the closest beach town to us, just a quick 20 minute hop away. I'm glad you finally made it over there! And I will definitely have to try out that bakery. Thanks!