Saturday, July 21, 2012

The California State Fair...this one's for Brooke!

Most of the time Mark and I think that we did a fairly good job... 
or I should say an adequate job of parenting 
but one thing that we definitely slipped up on was that we never took Brooke 
to the California State Fair and she often brings it to our attention.
I've never had a real desire to go to the State Fair because 
the lines are always long, it takes a LOT of tickets to go on any of the rides,
and it's always in the summer, right when we have record heat in Sacramento.
I actually think that we took the kids once but Brooke was too young to remember.
We weren't that impressed so we checked it off our list of "things that we should do with our kids"
and never really wanted to go there again.
Yes, Brooke asked us to take her year after year, but we were able to distract her
by taking her out to Folsom lake, or over to get frozen yogurt at Nuyo 
or we told her that all that walking around wouldn't be good for her feet and might affect her running.
Yikes!  If Brooke is reading this, she NOW knows the truth...
as parents, we tricked her and were negligent because we never took her to the California State Fair!!
We kind of felt bad... but not too bad!  Then Dad was asked to work the Invisalign booth at the Fair and
he asked me to join him for a "date night" at the State Fair, and of course, I said, "YES!"
And then we thought about Brooke and how she would have loved to go with us
 and we kind of felt bad and possibly even a little bit guilty about not ever taking her to the Fair!
So Brooke, if you are reading this, Mom and Dad apologize.  
We are sorry for depriving you of a childhood adventure that most California kids get to experience.
So just for you, we attended the California State Fair on Thursday in your honor.
After Dad worked at the Invisalign booth in the afternoon, 
where he talked to many parents and kids about Invisalign,
 and met Coco Jones, Disney's up and coming teen star, 
we took full advantage of our free pass to all that the Fair had to offer us.
And of course, I documented all of the activities that we participated in while at the Fair,
so that perhaps, Brooke, you can enjoy them and hopefully live vicariously through your parents:)!
The Invisalign booth where Dad spent most of the afternoon, 
chatting it up with teens and their moms and answering questions.
Dad at the booth, looking official.
They had the kids playing games at the booth.
Dad with the crew from Invisalign, Mike and Jennifer.
Dad had a good time meeting and greeting the kids that were waiting to meet Coco Jones.
Dad got his picture taken with Coco Jones.
I made Dad pet a goat!
He made me try chocolate covered bacon.
I was a little disappointed... I thought I would like it more than I did...
I mean I love chocolate and I love bacon,
but when you put them together, it just wasn't right!
We traipsed all over the park looking for the Placer County booth 
and finally found it so I made Dad take this cheesy picture for Brooke!
And we had to eat a funnel cake!
And we had to get a picture with the golden bear in honor of our Brooke, the bear!
It was fun, but to be honest, Brooke didn't miss too much and
I actually felt better about never taking her to the State Fair.
Brooke, if you are really good, maybe I'll take you to Lagoon someday 
or if you are in NYC next summer we can go to Coney Island.
And don't worry, Dad will buy you a hot dog and I'll eat a funnel cake with you 
and it will be so fun that you will forget that we never took you to the California State Fair:)!
Or at least you won't feel the need to write a book 
about all the things that your parents deprived you of when you were a kid!
Love you Bear!


Brooke Holt said...

Hahahahahahhahahahahahahhahahahhahah!!!!! LOVE this sooo sooo much! I have the cutest parents in the world. Love that you got on the golden bear, the Placer Country booth was a winner, and so many digustingly yummy foods. Now I don't really mind if I only get to experience the fair through you two!

deb said...

It was really sweet of you to do all this for Brooke!