Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The Kierls and their kids came for a visit

This darling family stopped by on their way up to Tahoe and spent the day with us on Saturday. 
The kids spent most of the afternoon in the pool, 
only getting out to grab a piece of pizza and a popsicle.
It was a hot day with the temperature reaching 100 degrees that day
so I really can't blame the kids.
They spent a good share of the afternoon in the jacuzzi, always a favorite spot in the pool!
This was our view from the patio, as we sat and watched the kids 
and visited with our dear friends, Mike and Ann.
Mike and Mark were residents together at OU about 25 years ago.
These two shared an office with each other and we used to joke that Mike
 (who was single during those residency years) spent more time with Mark than I did.
I'm pretty sure... actually I know that he did.  But don't worry, I didn't get jealous at all
because I adore Mike and his sweet family (his mom, dad and all his siblings), 
who live in OKC, and were so kind to us during our time in Oklahoma.
 We have loved getting to know Ann and their darling kids
and with each visit we fall more and more in love with the Kierl family.
 One of the many things that I love about Ann is that she loves taking pictures as much as me:)!
I know, it's hard to believe but it's true!
It is obvious that these kids are trained to take photos.
They didn't even fuss when I started bossing them around and told them to do a jumping picture!
They just politely obeyed and did exactly what I told them!
Gotta love that:)!
 So I kind of pushed my luck and told them to do it again...
and they climbed up on the ledge and followed my orders without any complaint!
So I rewarded their good behavior and with their mother's permission,
I told them they could go get a treat from my pantry.
Those who have visited the Holt house know what fills the shelves of my pantry:)!
These darling kids were so excited!  And I heard one of them shout with joy,
"This is the best pantry ever!!"

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