Monday, July 16, 2012

It was a very Happy Birthday!

Our bike riding group of gals planned to be up in Tahoe on my birthday.
Sue Jack was hosting a "girls get away" for the gals at her beautiful place in Glenbrook.
A couple of us could only go for the day and we didn't want to miss out on the fun.
So Kim Nash and I drove up and back together, chatting the entire way!
It was so fun to catch up with her and before we knew it we arrived at our destination in no time!
Check out this view of the lake at Gar Woods, where we enjoyed a yummy lunch!
Such a great place to celebrate the day and sharing it with my dear friend, Karen Duffey,
 who is celebrating her birthday this week.  It was perfect!
Don't we look like quite the party animals with our birthday hats?!
The view of Lake Tahoe from Garwoods.
The birthday girls with the party planner, Sue!
The girls from "The Hood!"  Love those Weddington neighbors!
 Janice, Paige and Peggy.
More gorgeous views of the lake!
Cute Peggy and Sue.
And the lovely Liz!
My yummy lunch, Peppered Tenderloin & Blue Cheese Salad. 
It was delicious!!
My adorable friend, Liz, gave me these adorable baby socks for my new granddaughter-to-be!
So fun!  Just the beginning for this soon-to-be grandma!
It was so fun to share my birthday with my dear friend, Karen, who I absolutely love and adore!
As you can see, it was quite the birthday celebration!
These girls know how to party!
Afterwards, we all went to the 7/11 across the street and enjoyed a free slurpee!
Remember last years free slurpee adventure with Ashley?
You can read about it here if you don't!
Me and my free slurpee!
We made it to Sue's place in Glenbrook and enjoyed the amazing view from her back deck!
It was such a gorgeous day and we just couldn't get enough of the view of that lake!
Really quite amazing!
Me and the lovely Liz!
Kim and I took one last view and then headed back down the mountain.
Such a great group of gals to spend the day with!
I seriously couldn't ask for a better way to celebrate!
I got home just in time to go to dinner with Dad and he spoiled me by taking me to Ruth's Chris.
We used a gift certificate that had been kicking around forever and we really didn't know how much was on it.
So when the bill came, they ran the card and it had just enough for the total and tip.  Yay!
 After dinner, we headed to the airport to pick up Allie and Justin
and this is what was waiting for me at the curb!
Don't you love these two!?
And this is the cute "Grandma Kit" that Allie and Justin put together for me for my birthday!
What a great day filled with so many fun celebrations with fabulous friends and sweet family!
Turning 51... I mean 29 (again)... wasn't so bad:)!
Every birthday just seems to be getting better and better
and I have lots to look forward to in the coming year!


vanessa said...

Happy Birthday! That grandma kit is adorable! What a sweet family you have!

Ashley said...

What a blast! Tahoe looked gorgeous. Is that a new shirt? The blue one you wore to dinner... It's pretty! And Liz looks like a dream in that hat!

Brooke Holt said...

The g-ma kit looks so cute!! You are the most beautiful 51 yr old ever!!! Love you!