Thursday, July 12, 2012

Family Reunion & Fourth of July fun!

 We celebrated the 4th of July down in San Diego with family and friends, 
starting the day out with our dear friends, Russ and Kim Nash at Mission Beach. 
 The gorgeous view of the beach from their place.
We enjoyed catching up with the Nashes.
 We went on a bike ride around the beach and Mission Bay.
 After a great visit and fun ride,
 we headed to Carlsbad to join the rest of the Holt family for the reunion.
We originally didn't think that any of our kids were going to be able 
to come to the reunion because of their work and school schedules,
but at the last minute, Allie and Justin had a couple of days off and drove out from Utah. 
Then on Tuesday, Brett found out that he could get the rest of the week off at work
 so they caught the next flight to San Diego to spend the 4th with us!
What a fun surprise!
Allie meeting Baby "C" for the first time!
 Me and my girls, minus Ashley, Brooke and Sonya!
Wish you gals were here too:(!
Allie and Justin had to leave the next morning around noon 
so we hung out around the hotel and then had lunch at El Norte.
 Love this girl!!
We had to take one more group photo before the Larkins left.
We color coordinated so much that it makes me laugh...
I promise, we didn't plan that but you would think that we did...
and I know that my kids wouldn't put it past me to try to pull something like that off...
and since our outfits did look so good together, why not get another photo, right?!
After Allie and Justin hit the road, we went to SeaWorld to enjoy a day of fun!
 Maddie and Gentry posed for a photo with the starfish!  Good job girls!
 Grandma and Grandpa, the family reunion organizers!
Thanks for putting it all together!
 We stopped at Old Town and ate dinner at Cafe Coyote with these cute kids!
 Then we wandered over to the Mormon Battalion.
And this is what happens when you hang out with me too long,
I make you take staged photos in sometimes ridiculous poses.
So Maddie, Kramer and Gentry were good sports and sat in the front of the stagecoach.
 And Kramer tried to shoot off the cannon...
And the last photo of the day, Gentry looking so cute with her mountain man.
 The next morning, Mark and I went on a bike ride with Kimber.
Then stopped to have waffles at Boxd, a fun place to have breakfast.
Our favorite waffle combination was banana and nutella. Yum!
We took the all important family photo.
Here is Aunt Ruth, trying to get everyone organized for the photo.
And the boys, trying to look good and stay out of the way:)!
 We spent a lot of time at the beach.
Here is one of my favorite bathing beauties!
 And my favorite pal on the beach!
Loved catching up with this gal!
The little girl cousins, spent lots of time digging holes and tunnels in the sand.
 This little guy loved getting in the holes, sometimes head first.  
 I'm so sad that I didn't get a photo of that!
 Fun in the sun!
 These three girls are heading out to do some boogie boarding.
 Or should I say these 5!  That's right! Lori and Alicia are both pregnant.  
But that isn't going to stop them from having fun!
They boogie boarded all day long!  Being pregnant didn't slow them down one bit!
 There was a lot of frisbee and footballs thrown on the beach.
Aubrey was sporting her Olympus Jr. High T-shirt.
Go Spartans!
 These two orthodontists spent a lot of time talking and braces.
Looking pretty good in his wet suit, ready to go ride a wave...
which he did all morning...
Until he was all tuckered out!
And this is how we all felt after 4 days of fun!

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Ashley said...

Okay. These are SO CUTE! I wish you had more pictures!! The ones of you and Al matching are way too funny.