Wednesday, July 18, 2012

A fun weekend with some of our favorite GBHS alumni couples

Having the kids come home for a visit is always wonderful and I love it! 
But what made it even more wonderful this weekend 
 was having our "other GB kids" here to join in on all of the fun!
Jason and Lindsey Howell have been staying with us for a couple of weeks
while they have been looking for a place to live.
We are so happy that they will moving back to Granite Bay
because I consider the Howell kids part of our extended family
 and having them here is as if we have kids back home again.
It's been really, really fun!  Sorry I use "really" so much but it was just that fun!
Allie and Justin arrived late Wednesday night on my birthday.
What a great way to celebrate!
And then Jeff and Caitlin Howell arrived Friday night, 
driving the UHaul out from Utah with Jason and Lindsey's stuff.
It was so fun sitting around the kitchen table with a bunch of kids,
reminiscing about the good ole days at GBHS, sharing a few student government stories,
 munching down on goodies and catching up! 
We downed one and a half dozen cupcakes from Icing on the Cupcake 
and 13 cookies from Cookie Connection in 2 days!
I think I've met my match!   That cute little Lindsey can keep up with me 
bite for bite when it comes to treats:)!
And I love having someone that gets as excited as I do
 about eating anything chocolate and sweet!
While everyone was here, we went boating, ate out at some of our favorite GB dining spots,
 BBQed a couple of nights and played a little paddle tennis.
It was just as if the kids had never left home.
The front door was accidentally left opened a couple of times
(in the kids defense, that door has always been hard to close),
we all squished onto a much too small bench at church on Sunday
 (causing a little bit of a spectacle but we fit:)!),
and as Mark and I feel asleep one night, 
we could hear the kids out in the family room talking and laughing 
and it was wonderful!
Our home, once again, felt like our home... and gosh, I'm getting teary eyed as I write this...
but I realized how very much I miss all the noise and laughter 
and yes, even the chaos that comes with having all the kids at home.
And so I'm sorry if I use the word "really" again but it really was a great weekend!
 Boating at Folsom Lake and Beach Hut Deli sandwiches are always a great combination!
Dad and his Surfin' Bird, always a family favorite!
Turkey, bacon, cream cheese, and avocado.  YUM!
Jason had to study for the CPA exam so these three felt really bad that he had to miss the fun!
Don't they look sad!?
After enjoying her Beach Hut sandwich, Allie is ready to do some wakeboarding!
Jumping the wake!
And then it was Justin's turn...
and he didn't waste anytime showing us how it's done!
These two are so happy to be back on the lake on a warm summer night!
Then it was time to blow up the tube and take a ride!
And that is exactly what Dad gave them, dumping Allie and Justin into the lake!
And since Lindsey tried a new trick*, she got to pick out a treat at AM/PM.
And as you can see, Dad is getting soft in his old age and let Allie and Justin get a treat too!

*When the kids were little, if they tried a new trick (jumped the wake or did a 360 on the kneeboard) 
dad would let them go in and pick out a treat while he was putting gas in the boat...
it was a really big deal!  And trust me, there was always a lot of convincing and begging, 
and sometimes a few tears were shed at this point of the evening 
by those that didn't perform:)!  Ha! Ha!  Good times!
Jason and Lindsey, Jeff and Caitlin and Justin and Allie.
Some of my favorite GBHS alumni couples!
Dad was so excited and could hardly wait to take everyone to one of his favorite places to eat, Jack's Urban Eats!
The kids all agreed, "Jack's is the best!" That made Dad so happy!
The main reason that Allie and Justin came home this weekend 
was to be at Miles Burris and Jenna Grondona's wedding!
A Granite Bay High School sweetheart success!!
I hope Allie doesn't mind, but I had to share a few photos that she took at the wedding!
Another cute GBHS sweetheart success!
Miles will be reporting to the Raiders camp in a couple of weeks and we wish him the very best!
Graduating from college, signing with the Raiders and getting married to his high school sweetheart, Jenna,
it's been a great year for this guy and we are proud of him!
Thanks, Allie and Justin, for a wonderful visit this weekend!
It really was a great birthday gift and a fabulous way to start another year!


Ashley said...

Okay, I love this. I love GB. I love our home. It's all too, too good.

Allie looks GORGEOUS! What is that dress?! I love it.

Christiandude9 said...

Miles Burris is my favorite player in the NFL! He's truly inspirational and I look up to him! Hope to see you play soon at The Coliseum!

Christiandude9 said...
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