Friday, August 17, 2012

Brooke's Birthday Dinner at Tucano's

 Brooke is pretty excited about her "Golden Birthday!" She's turning 19 on the 19th of August!
Since everyone (except for Brett, who we missed so much) was in town,
we celebrated her birthday Tuesday night at Tucano's!
 The birthday girl and her chocolate cake.
 Brooke got a new red dress with a big bow in the front.  It is so Brooke!
 And some New York dishware.
 Tyler and Sonya gave her a book of decorating, which is right up her alley.
 And her big surprise of the night, a new camera, 
which she will be using a lot this fall when she takes a photography class.
 The family, minus Brett, standing outside of Tucano's after dinner.
 Brooke and Ash, the little girls.
 A sisters picture! 
 Mom and Dad with their "little bear!"  
  I love Brooke's shirt that she wore that night:)!  
We love that little bear and want to wish her a Happy Happy Birthday! 
We hope your "Golden Birthday" is just as fabulous as you are!


vanessa said...

what a beautiful family! you guys know how to party. happy birthday brooke! i love that dress, where is it from?

vanessa said...

(the red one with the bow!)

deb said...

Happy Birthday Brooke...i miss party/wedding planning with you!