Monday, August 27, 2012

Ready for Romney/Ryan and the Republican convention

Well, we made it to Tampa and we hit the rode running as soon as we got here.
We've attended dinners, parties, breakfasts, and rallies.
And yes! we are surviving the threat of hurricane Isaac!
We walked to CVS this afternoon in the middle of the storm!
I know, that doesn't sound too smart but it was sunny when we left our hotel room... 
really the sun was shining... I promise!
We are trying to attend every event and activity we can 
so that we can get the full experience of this historic convention.
I guess that is why we took a walk in the rain/storm/hurricane!
I mean, hurricane Isaac is all part of the experience
 and we didn't want to be sitting in our hotel room and miss out on it:)!
We have met so many fun, interesting, committed and exceptional people these past couple of days!
We've made lots of new friends and met up with old ones too! (more on that in a later post)
This morning we heard Gov. Chris Christie and Meg Whitman speak
and we looking forward to hearing from Congressman Darrel Issa and
Speaker John Boehner tomorrow morning before we head to the 1st day of the GOP convention.
We can't wait!  I hope I can sleep tonight!
Gooooooo Mitt!

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