Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Kimber's NYC theme Baby Shower in Park City!

When Kimber announced her pregnancy, one of our first questions was, "When can we throw a shower?!" 
Anyone who knows the Holt family, knows we'll use any excuse to throw a party.
Since all the girls were going to be together in Utah in August,
it was the perfect time to celebrate Kimber and Baby C with all our Utah family and close friends.
Once "NYC baby!" was chosen for the shower theme,
 the next thing that we did was recruit our dear friend, Debbie Penrice, 
to help created this adorable shower invite!
She also created all the signs, labels, tags, and so much more, 
which tied everything together and carried out the NYC baby theme!
I love my girls!!  And they all worked so hard to make this all come together!
Allie and Sonya made the yummy caramel apples!  
Brooke created the adorable New York City skyline fabric background!  
They all bagged peanuts, tied ribbons and bows, put together signs and labels on the cups!
It was really a team effort and really a lot of fun to work together!  
Even Dad helped with the shower by carrying "the little girls" Bitty Baby bassinet
  in his suitcase on his flight from California to Utah.
This little bassinet is one of the few items that I had saved from Brooke and Ashley's childhood.
It has been gathering dust up in the storage room for years and I hadn't even thought about it until now.
When I told Debbie that I wanted to recreate the invitation 
with the NYC skyline scene for the backdrop for the serving table,
she suggested that I get a baby doll bassinet and tie pink balloons so it looks just like the invite.
She's genius, isn't she?!!  A creative genius!
And I loved having something from the past that ties to the future!
The soon-to-be Mother and Grandma!  
Gosh!  I'm still getting used to that "Grandma" thing!
 It just sounds so old!
I'm so grateful to these two for all their help and moral support, 
but most of all because they are SO excited for Kimber and can't wait for Baby C's arrival!
And we had to get a "sisters" picture with Stephanie, 
who we all agree is just like another Holt sister, as far as we are concerned!
Such a cute group of girls!
Aunt Lisa and Stephanie also helped put this shower together,
making all the fruit salad cups, hauling up glass votives for the candy bar and folding chairs
and as always putting together all the final touches that afternoon so that everything looked just right.
Kimber and Great Grandma Holt
We decorated our house with skyscrapers, apples, and (of course) lots of pink!
 Each item of food was inspired by famous eateries in New York. 
Deli sandwiches from Carnegie Deli!
Bagels, always a New York favorite!
New York Cheesecake from Juniors.
The famous black and white cookies, found at almost every NYC corner deli.
Fruit cups, also found at the corner deli.
Fresh roasted peanuts, which are roasted and sold at street vendors near Times Square.
The bags say, "Fresh roasted Peanuts in honor of Kimber's lil' peanut!"  Adorable!
Big Apple, sugar cookies on a New York City plate!
Pizza from Grimaldi's, one of Kimber's favorites!
Kimber made the famous banana cream pudding from Magnolia Bakery.  It was yummy!
The beautiful and delicious cake was made by one of Kimber's dearest friends 
from her college days in the broadcasting program, Micaela's husband, 
owner of Martin's Fine Dessert, made this adorable and yummy cake!
It tasted just as good as it looked!
It wouldn't be a Holt party without a candy bar 
and so we had to have Dylan's I mean, Kimber's Candy Bar...
Dylan's Candy Bar is another one of our favorite New York stops!
Love these girls!
These two are a dynamic duo, combining their culinary and creative skills,
 dipping apples all night into the caramel and pink chocolate!  
And let's not forget about the sprinkles:)! 
The apples turned out darling and were absolutely delicious!
Another darling creation from Debbie Penrice.  Isn't she amazing?!
Allie, just being Allie... always lots of fun!
So many dear family and friends came that night to celebrate 
and I wish that I could have gotten a picture of everyone!
I kind of got distracted chatting with all the guests and forgot to grab the camera...
But here are a few of the photos that I did snap that night.
Our dear friend, Rhonda Williams, who used to live in Granite Bay.
Our families have water and snow skied together for years and years
and we have SO many great memories with the Williams family.
Kimber's sweet friends that used to live in NYC, Marci, Theresa and Ashley
with their cute kids!
Our wonderful friend, Linda Howell, also a former GB resident, who we love dearly.
She took time away from campaigning for her husband, Scott Howell
our favorite democrat, to attend the party!
We all SO adore Linda and her wonderful family!
My dear friends and former college roommates from my freshman year, 
Ruth Todd, Tammy Runia and Tammy Pinnock, came to celebrate!  
I can't say enough wonderful things about these girls!
We have stayed dear friends after all these years and I am so grateful for their friendship 
and was so touched that they would take the time to come to Kimber's shower
 because I know that they all have such incredibly busy schedules!
Love these ladies lots!
Cousin Jason's wife, Kiley, and cousins, Olivia and Emme, 
and Debbie Merrill, who also lived in Granite Bay and was Kimber's Young Women's leader.
Ashley's roommate, Sydney, who we all love and adore!
This is the kids table that was filled with lots of crayons, coloring books and candy for the kids.
All the kids loved it, especially the little cousins, Megan, Molly, Katelyn and Morgan.
 Kimber, opening her gifts.
 So many adorable little things!
Love the little leopard skin shoes!
Kimber, with the New York City rag quilt that I made her!
Brooke gave Kimber a cute pig outfit and hat!  So adorable!
We are all so excited for this little one and can't wait for Baby C's arrival
and it was so fun to celebrate with Kimber!


deb said...

thanks for posting this debbie...everything turned out so cute. love the frilly pink outfits leading up the stairs. can't believe you found the perfect grey straws to compliment the pink hearts too!

pringle95 said...

What a beautiful baby shower and beautiful family! I am planning on having an NYC theme for my son's 1st birthday and had a few questions - can you please send me your email address, so we can correspond offline?

stevenjared0853 said...

So adorable baby shower. I loved all these photos. Also have to attend a weekend baby shower of a friend. It is going to be hosted at vintage Los Angeles event venues. The shower has vintage theme so I have been thinking to buy vintage theme clothes for this bash.

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