Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Knocking on doors for Romney in Reno!

It's no secret that we are big Romney supporters, so when we got an email 
asking for volunteers to knock on doors in Reno, Nevada,
we decided to join a busload of Romney supporters and try to make a difference!
Loading up on the bus and heading for Nevada!
Once we arrived at the GOP headquarters, we were given some quick instructions
climbed into vans which dropped us off in different neighborhoods and begun knocking.
Mark is looking official with his clipboard in hand and Romney/Ryan sticker on his shirt, 
marking which registered voters are supporting the Romney/Ryan ticket.
Since it is the Halloween season, we enjoyed all the decorations in the yards and on the doors that we knocked on.
Once we were finished knocking on doors that day, 
we spent the evening making phone calls back at the Reno GOP headquarters office.
Getting out the vote!!
They put us up at a nearby hotel that night,
and then headed out the next morning for another day of knocking.
Here is Mark in front of the Reno GOP headquarters,
 showing his support as we are waiting to get our list and ready to board our van.
We were given an area south of Reno with a gorgeous view of Mt. Rose ski resort.
 It was a beautiful day and we enjoyed the gorgeous views as we were walking that morning.
Love this view of this rock sculpture with Mt. Rose ski resort in the background.
We worked hard, knocked on a lot of doors 
and were happy that maybe in a very small way, made a difference in 2012!
Most the people that we met were Romney supporters and were so nice,
 they even thanked us for taking the time to knock on doors.
Thanks Nevada for "welcoming" us!
And remember vote Romney/Ryan on Election day!!!

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